How to win in: Quora Towershead vs Quora Towershead

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You know you're lucky when you open a pack and out of it pops Quora Towershead! I was lucky enough to pick her up a couple of brawls back, and I've been trying her out in a few different battles - and the truth is, she's an absolute game changer in any battle.

But it makes me wonder: what happens when you end up in a battle where it turns into a QUORA TOWERSHEAD vs QUORA TOWERSHEAD!! Well, it's simple. You dominate! Of course, that's easier said than done, and you'll need some strategy, that's where this blog comes in. Join me in one of my more interesting battles from the previous brawls.

To do this, let's start with the ruleset. In my brawl, I was faced with this brawling ruleset which allowed me to play either EARTH or LIFE splinter, but no one could use SNEAK or SNIPE - and, it gave a decent amount of mana at 29!


Now, heading into the battle, I had done my research and I knew two things about my opponent.

  1. I knew his guild was upgraded and this allowed him to play GLADIATOR cards.
  2. I knew my opponent had a QUORA TOWERSHEAD.

So what does this all mean? I knew I wanted to play QUORA TOWERSHEAD too, but I also knew I needed to be weary of how the battle might play out. The big thing about QUORA is, she gets better every time she earns a scalp. This is of course where my strategy comes in:

Don't play low mana cards, they die too quickly!

And so, I loaded up on a couple of big cards:
7 Mana for my Llama
2 Mana for my Sorceror
10 Mana for Kron the Undying
10 Mana for Quora Towershead

Looking through this line up, the most scalps my opponent can earn is 2. However, looking at the line-up, you'll notice that my opponent has played a long line-up. This line-up works really well when you're not up against a BLOODLUST account, but vs GLADIATORS, you need to stop and recognise that it will ultimately hurt you. In my opponent's favour, however, is the Mushroom Seer, which will reduce my magic attack. This might well be key to this battle.


Across the first two rounds, you'll notice that I'm absolutely in trouble. Big trouble! I have lost two of my cards, and all I've managed to do is to take 3 damage off my opponent's tank. However - this is about to set my QUORA up to start thumping, and now she has LAST STAND kicking in - she will be looking to take multiple kills each round - now she's not only reliant on using MAGIC, but her MELEE attack will also begin to be used. Look out!


So here we stand, one round later - and what a different picture is presented. Last round, my QUORA got 2 kills - one with her magic, another with her melee. Looking forward to round 4, I can see that this pattern will happen again! And again, her BLOODLUST will twice be activated; in contrast, my opponent's QUORA has no chance of being able to activate her own bloodlust, which will make it impossible for him to compete.


So what we're seeing in this one, is again the QUORA has taken two more kills, and is looking at getting another this round. The thing is though, you will remember that it was 6 to 1 not that long ago. This just goes to show the strategy in action - when you vs Quora, you can't give her a chance to kill your cards and bump up her stats.


And here's the final piece of the evidence. It's clear that my opponent is well and truly behind in this battle, and a long way behind - despite essentially playing a better team with more depth - yet, it is depth that has been my opponent's bigger issue which let me take the lead!


Have a look at the video:

In reviewing the video of the battle, you can see how the momentum of Quora just builds round on round. Let's have another look at the card, and get ready for the evaluation:


This key to this card is again the BLOODLUST skill - it allows her to absolutely shine! However, if she is unable to activate it, she is actually a rather weak card when you consider her 10 mana cost against an opponent's QUORA who is building and building.

My strategy was all about not allowing my opponent's QUORA to take kills - it's really rather simple. My opponent demonstrated the opposite: if you give QUORA a lot of kills, she will become an absolutely unstoppable beast. This is, afterall, why my QUORA ended up with 8 MAGIC, 8 MELEE for 16 attack, facing off against a QUORA with 3 MAGIC and 2 MELEE. Let's face it - when they face off with 16 attack vs 5 - it's a no brainer where that battle will end up!

In summary then: in a brawl, if you play low health cards to shield your GLADIATOR, you can expect the opposing team's GLADIATOR to eat you alive!! You've been warned.


Welcome to another #splinterchat!(9).png

I think EVERYONE can agree that the Splinterlands community is awesome, and the opportunity it gives to earn and participate in the game's economy is beyond awesome! I have been playing for a couple of months now, and I want to introduce some goals to work towards, and to be accountable with.

You see - Splinterlands isn't just a game, it's an investment. Long term, the value in the game is going to continue to be created, and it's about being part of the action NOW, to be able to make significant financial gains down the road.

Goal: Stack 100,000 SPT
To get my goal underway, I am now up to 4520 SPT stacked. I am going to aim to get to 100,000 SPT by the end of the year. Wish me luck!


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