RULESET: Earthquake

All non-flying units take 2 physical damage at the end of every turn.

Snared units are considered non-flying. Since the damage given is physical, it can be reduced to 1 if the unit has the shield ability.

Ruleset and line-up:

Target Practice - All Ranged and Magic attack Monsters have the Snipe ability.
Silenced Summoners - Summoners do not give any stat buffs or debuffs or grant/use any abilities.
Earthquake - Non-flying Monsters take 2 Melee damage at the end of each round.
Mana Cap of 39.
Available Splinters - Fire, Water, Earth, Live and Dragon

My Team:

Summoner: Quix the Devious (no buffs -> Silenced Summoners ruleset)

1. Gargoya Lion - Tank, Melee Damage Dealer with the Flying and Void abilities
2. Void Dragon - Magic Damage Dealer with Flying and Void abilities
3. Chaos Dragon - Magic Damage Dealer with the Flying, Scattershot, Blast and Blind abilities
4. Pelacor Bandit - Melee Damage Dealer with the Sneak and Flying abilities
5. Gargoya Devil - Ranged Damage Dealer with the Flying, Closed Range and Deathblow abilities
6. Torrent Fiend - Melee Damage Dealer


I used only Monsters with the Flying ability to ignore the Earthquake damage every round. Apart from that it was pretty much a gambling game with the Chaos Dragon.

Position 1 - Gargoya Lion:

Decent low mana tank. Chose it because of the Flying ability and because the Chaos Dragon consumed so much mana 😄

Position 2 - Void Dragon:

Low damage, but a decent survivability. In case the opponent tries to end this fast before taking too much earthquake damage it might be important to survive as long as possible

Position 3 - Chaos Dragon:

Always a bit of a gamble with the Scattershot and very pricey at 14 mana. But the potential for 7 damage/ round and the Blind ability is usually worth it. Also the Flying ability helps in the Earthquake ruleset.

Position 4 - Pelacor Bandit:

Very high speed and the Flying ability equals a high chance to dodge.

Position 5 - Gargoya Devil:

Ranged damage with the Flying ability. The Deathblow ability doesn't seem that great but it can be a matchwinner in the right situation.

Position 6 - Torrent Fiend:

Just placed for some Sneak protection.


Round 1:

My opponents Monsters all have the flying ability so there is no hope for the earthquake to help me in this fight. Uriel with the Heal worries me a bit, but in the back there are 3 low hitpoint targets. My Chaos Dragon hits the War Pegasus in the back so it only blasts in 1 direction.

Round 2:

Pelacor Bandit takes out the War Pegasus but it is resurrected by Adelade. A pefect hit by my Chaos Dragon in the middle of the lineup and Gargoya Devil takes out the Pelacor Conjurer.

Round 3:

My Team decimated the opponent leaving only Uriel and the Celestial Harpy alive. I lose my Pelacor Bandit in the battle though. Uriel with its 12 damage every 2nd round and 4 HP selfheal still worries me a bit though.

Round 4:

Celestial Harpy dies and Uriel takes out my Gargoya Lion in one hit. With Uriel being the final Monster in my opponents team the Gargoya Devil with the Deathblow ability unleashes its full potential.

Round 5:

Uriel charges up its next attack and manages to survive my teams onslaught.

Final Round:

3 on 1 is too much even for Uriel. Another Deathblow shot finishes the game.


My Chaos Dragon gamble paid off. According to Splintertools the odds were slightly in my opponents favor but Fortuna was on my side this time.

The full battle can also be watched here

Thanks for reading and happy battling!


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