RULESET: Equal Opportunity

All units gain the Opportunity ability which allows them to attack the unit with the lowest health on the enemy team.

Ruleset and line-up:

What doesn't kill you - All Monsters have the Enrage ability.
Equal Opportunity - All Monsters have the Opportunity ability.
Counterspell - All Monsters have the Magic Reflect ability..
Mana Cap of 40.
Available Splinters - Water, Earth, Death and Dragon

My Team:

Summoner: Possibilus the Wise (+2 Health, Trample ability, Reach ability)

1. Diemonshark - Tank, Melee Damage Dealer with the Trample and Enrage abilities
2. Coastal Sentry - Melee Damage Dealer with the Double Strike and Piercing abilities
3. Venator Kinyo - Melee Damage Dealer with the Reflection Shield, Camouflage, Immunity and Slow abilities
4. Deeplurker - Melee Damage Dealer with the Opportunity and Poison abilities
5. Noah the Just - No Damage Dealer with the Rust and Dodge abilities
6. Pelacor Bandit - Melee Damage Dealer with the Sneak and Flying abilities


Equal opportunity is a nice Ruleset for Possibilus the Wise and its Trample ability. There is a high chance low health monsters are somewhere in the middle of my opponents line-up so going for trample seemed like a good choice.

Position 1 - Diemonshark:

Great tank even though it doesn't profit from the ruleset and Summoner buffs that much because it had Enrage and Trample in its arsenal anyway.

Position 2 - Coastal Sentry:

Perfect card to combine with Possibilus, Double attack with 4 damage and Piercing is quite insane.

Position 3 - Venator Kinyo:

Mostly used him for the slow, never a bad idea to be faster than your opponent. Doesn't hurt that it can attack in the Equal Opportunity Ruleset from this position.

Position 4 - Deeplurker:

Good old Deeplurker, another card that doesn't really profit from one of the rulesets (Equal Opportunity), but there is no other water Monster in my deck with 4 damage and the ability to poison so it was an obvious choice.

Position 5 - Noah the Just:

Used Noah because of the Rust ability so that there it is less likely there will be Armor in the way.

Position 6 - Pelacor Bandit:

In the Equal opportunity ruleset the positioning of the Monsters didn't really matter that much and everyone but the Monster in the front will focus on the Pelacor anyway. Enraged he is very fast and has a very high chance to dodge melee and ranged attacks.


Round 1:

The opponent loses 4 Monsters and I still have 5 on my team after this round. Usually the game would be decided after a round like this, but two of the opponents Monster were just used to power up the pretty imbalanced Quora even more. So this match is far from over.

Round 2:

After so many Monsters kicking the bucket in the first round not even one dies in the second. No monster has any Armor left and with Quora being the fastest attacking Monster I can't help but to worry about what is to come.

Round 3:

Quora kills my Diemonshark and Noah the Just and becomes incredibly powerful and with 11 speed also really fast but my Coastal Sentry doesn't care about that 5 speed difference and brings her down to 1 HP. Now it will be decided if Deeplurker with a 20% or Kinyo with a 10% chance to hit will be able to deal the final blow.

Final Round:

Lucky for me Deeplurker managed to hit the godlike Quora and ends the match in my favour.


Interesting match but Quora sure was scary. 1 miss at the wrong time and the outcome would have been different.

The full battle can also be watched here

Thanks for reading and happy battling!


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