RULESET: Going the Distance

Only units with ranged attacks may be used.

Consider including units with the Close Range and Return Fire abilities in your lineup.

Ruleset and line-up:

Going the Distance - Only Monsters with Ranged attack may be used in battles.
Reverse Speed - Monsters with the lowest Speed attack first and have the highest chance of evading attacks.
Up to Eleven - All Monsters have the Amplify ability.
Mana Cap of 55.
Available Splinters - Earth

My Team:

Summoner: Lux Vega (+1 Speed, +1 Health, +1 Armor)

1. Drybone Raider - Melee, Ranged Damage Dealer with the Double Strike ability
2. Gargoya Devil - Ranged Damage Dealer with the Flying, Close Range and Deathblow abilities
3. Uloth Dhampire - Ranged Damage Dealer with the Stun ability
4. Hunter Jarx - Ranged Damage Dealer with the Snipe and True Strike abilities
5. Venari Spellsmith - Ranged Damage Dealer with the Scavenger and Poison abilities
6. Goblin Tower - Ranged Damage Dealer with the Blast ability


I decided to choose Lux Vega over Obsidian because my Obsidian is only level 7 and I can't use some of the max cards with her. Even though the +1 Speed is counterproductive in match with the slow ruleset, the +1 Armor makes up for it in the Ranged only ruleset.

Position 1 - Drybone Raider:

In the front position because he is one of the special dual attack cards and with that one of the few melee attackers that can be played in a ranged only match. He is also decently slow so there is a good chance he can attack at least in the first round.

Position 2 - Gargoya Devil:

A ranged monster with the Close Range ability so it can attack in the front position. Even though it is somewhat fast it has the flying ability and gains an extra 25% dodge-chance.

Position 3 - Uloth Dhampire:

A level 1 rare monster seems a bit low in a diamond match, but it is slow has decent damage and the ability to stun. It is a bit mana consuming but that was no issue in this fight.

Position 4 - Hunter Jarx:

Can't miss with True strike (a very underrated ability, especially since I miss so often 😁)

Position 5 - Venari Spellsmith:

Placed in the 5th position to make the most use of the scavenger ability and protect the Goblin Tower as long as possible. The 50% chance to poison is a nice bonus of course.

Position 6 - Goblin Tower:

The highest damage card and the best for the slow ruleset. Does 5+3 damage a pretty insane amount, even for the diamond league.


Round 1:

My opponent chose Obsidian as the summoner but equalized the speed (at least for a few hits) by choosing the Supply Runner with the Swiftness ability. The positioning of the monsters seems a bit weird in my opinion, but at least we agreed to place the Goblin tower in the back. Lots of things happen in this round and my opponent loses 2 monsters.

Round 2:

My Drybone Raider goes down, but I never expected him to last more than one round anyways. With the 2nd last monster forced to the first position the match is pretty much decided.

Round 3:

The opponents Goblin Tower stands strong and managed to survive this round somehow, but after the initial attack, it is forced to the first position and lacks the Close Range ability to do anything but dodging now.

Round 4:

Poor Goblin Tower on my opponents team has just 1 health left and waits for the inevitable knockout.


I disliked the range-only ruleset first, but with my card collection growing I have more options now and this ruleset requires a different approach since most ranged monsters can't attack in the first position. So now I like to play that ruleset every now and then.

The full battle can also be watched here

Thanks for reading and happy battling!


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