RULESET: Rise of the Commons

Only common and rare units may be used in battles.

Summoners are unaffected by this rule.

Ruleset and line-up:


Unprotected - Monsters do not have any armor and do not get armor from Abilities or Summoner Buffs.
Rise of the Commons - Only Common and Rare Monsters may be used in battles.
Explosive Weaponry - All Monsters have the Blast ability.
Mana Cap of 36.
Available Splinters - Fire, Water, Death and Dragon

My Team:

Summoner: Thaddius Brood(-1 Magic damage, -1 HP)

1. Cursed Windeku - Melee Damage Dealer with the Thorns, Heal and Slow abilities
2. Shadow Snitch - Melee Damage Dealer with the Reach, Affliction and Dodge abilities
3. Silent Sha'vi - Melee Damage Dealer with the Sneak, Cripple and Pierce abilities
4. Supply Runner - Ranged Damage Dealer with the Swiftness and Strengthen abilities
5. Ravenhood Warden - Ranged Damage Dealer with the Protect and Inspire abilities
6. Dhampir Stalker - Ranged Damage Dealer with the True Strike and Deathblow abilities


I overlooked the Unprotected Ruleset in my strategy - I was trying to reduce magic damage because it ignores Armor, increase my speed and decrease the opponents so my team attacks faster (which is even more important in an Explosive Weaponry ruleset) and gain some Armor with the Ravenhood Warden (which of course failed because of the unprotected ruleset)

Position 1 - Cursed Windeku:

One of the best death chaos legion cards in my opinion and it is only rare! High damage, high health thorns and heal. Pretty much a perfect tank in this situation.

Position 2 - Shadow Snitch:

Decent low cost offtank, but didn't expect it to survive very long because of the explosive weaponry

Position 3 - Silent Sha'vi:

Very fast sneak attacker, wasn't sure if I should spread my damage like that, but my monster options in the death splinter with only common and rares are pretty limited.

Position 4 - Supply Runner:

Used to buff everyone with swiftness and strengthen and its the fastest ranged in my team so it has the highest chance to dodge a hit in case it gets ends up in the front at some point in the match.

Position 5 - Ravenhood Warden:

Used it mainly because of the protect ability completely ignoring it is useless in this match, but at least it buffed the 3 melee attackers in the front with inspire.

Position 6 - Dhampir Stalker:

Pretty high damage and Truestrike - an ability I would like on more of my monsters so I don't have to pray to the RNG gods so often.

Round 1:

Even though I have +1 speed for my team and -1 speed for the opponent, the opponent still has a little bit of a speed advantage and uses it to quickly get rid of my tank + offtank...
At least my team manages to do the same and takes down the Diemonshark on roids leaving me with a chance in this match.

Round 2:

The speed advantage strikes again and the Pelacor Bandit takes down two of my monsters in the back. My Silent Sha'vi gets a bit lucky and attacks before the Deeplurker with the same speed (otherwise this game would have been over) and it ends up 2 vs 2 in the last round

Round 3:

Of course the fastest Monster in the game - the Pelacor bandit - strikes first again and almost takes down the two remaining Monsters in my team, but my Silent Sha'vi manages to hang on with 1 HP.

Final Round:

Silent Sha'vi manages to hit the slightly faster Supply runner and takes the Pelacor Bandit with him thanks to the blast damage.


Probably one of the closest matches in my Splinterlands career. RNG was a bit on my side on this one but I won't complain about that. I was almost ready to skip the fight when my Cursed Windeku died without even attacking, but I'm glad I watched till the end. Not sure when of if I ever won a game with me having only 1 Monster with 1 HP left.

The full battle can also be watched here

Thanks for reading and happy battling!


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