Rarity: EPIC
Element: LIFE
Attack: MAGIC


Ruleset and line-up:

Fog of War - Monsters lose the Sneak, Snipe and Opportunity abilities.
Noxious Fumes - All Monsters start the battle Poisoned.
Explosive Weaponry - All Monsters have the Blast ability.
Mana Cap of 27.
Available Splinters - Water and Life

My Team:

Summoner: Lux Vega(+1 to Speed, +1 to Armor, +1 to Health)

1. Pelacor Conjurer - No Damage Dealer with the Flying, Magic Reflect and Divine Shield ability
2. Corsair Bosun - Melee Damage Dealer with the Reach and Reflection Shield abilities
3. Gargoya Scrapper - Melee Damage Dealer with the Void ability
4. Djinn Renova - Magic Damage Dealer with the Strengthen and Triage abilities
5. Dax Paragon - Magic Damage Dealer with the Amplify ability


I decided to use Lux Vega and Djinn Renova for an extra 2 HP for everyone on my team as a way to counter the Noxious Fumes ruleset at least for 1 round. Corsair Bosun to counter the Blast ruleset and the Dax Paragon/Pelacor combo to counter Magic attacks.

Position 1 - Pelacor Conjurer:

Great low mana tank card. Looks like it has no attack, but the Magic Reflect ability is powerful and so is its ability to dodge with high speed and the Flying ability

Position 2 - Corsair Bosun:

Very nice offtank and Blast counter. Deals massive damage with the Reach ability and nullifies any
incoming blast or thorns damage.

Position 3 - Gargoya Scrapper:

Just a Meatshield to keep 1 or 2 attacks that also has the chance to nullify some attacks with the Void ability.

Position 4 - Djinn Renova:

High magic damage, buffs every monster on the team with 1 HP and also has the ability to heal the backline. Especially useful in a fight with Blast attacks involved.

Position 5 - Dax Paragon:

Very nice in Combination with the Pelacor Conjurer and only 4 Mana for both cards combined. The Amplify ability hurts every magic attacker that attacks the Pelacor Conjurer even more.


Round 1:

There is a lot of ranged damage on the opponents team, but no protection against the blast ruleset and my Pelacor Conjurer has a decent chance to dodge some attacks.
The match starts with the opponents time mage almost killing itself and Djinn Renova helping in sealing the deal.

Round 2:

The Noxious fumes ruleset gets rid of 2 Monsters for me and with the Time Mage gone I have the speed advantage. With every hit another ranged attacker is forced to the front unable to attack.

Final Round:

The star of the week finishes the match by taking out the last Monster on the opponents team.


Seeing the massive ranged damage in my opponents lineup was a bit scary but my blast-protection prevailed and in the end it was a clear victory.

Dax Paragon is a great card for low mana battles. The Amplify ability can be a gamechanger and magic damage is always nice. The difficult part is the placement as it usually goes down with 1 or 2 hits.

The full battle can also be watched here

Thanks for reading and happy battling!


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