Rarity: EPIC
Element: EARTH
Attack: MELEE
Double Strike - Monster attacks twice each round.
Trample - When a Monster with Trample hits and kills its target, it will perform another attack on the next Monster on the enemy Team.
Cripple - Each time an enemy is hit by a Monster with Cripple it loses one max health.


Ruleset and line-up:

Fire & Regret - All Monsters have the Return Fire ability.
Taking Sides - Neutral Monsters may not be used in battles.
What Doesn’t Kill You - All Monsters have the Enrage ability.
Mana Cap of 29.
Available Splinters - Earth and Life

My Team:

Summoner: Obsidian(+1 to all Magic damage)

1. Grund - Melee Damage Dealer with the Double Strike and Trample abilities
2. Fungal Fiend - Melee Damage Dealer
3. Goblin Psychic - Magic Damage Dealer with the Tank Heal, Affliction and Silence abilities
4. Queen Mycelia - Magic Damage Dealer with the Protect and Amplify abilities
5. Mycelic Morphoid - Melee Damage Dealer with the Thorns ability
6. Djinn Biljka - Magic Damage Dealer with the Camouflage, Void and Weaken abilities


Smashing the opponent from the front with enraged Grund while doing some decent Magic damage from back. Didn't use any Ranged attackers to avoid the Fire and Regret Ruleset

Position 1 - Grund:

Under the right circumstances Grund can be an absolute beast. In this match every Monster can get enraged and so Grund can potentially do 18 damage / round.

Position 2 - Fungal Fiend:

Just a Meatshield to prevent 1 attack (or maybe 2 because of Queen Mycelia's Protect) on the Monsters behind it

Position 3 - Goblin Psychic:

Heal, Debuff and a potential to prevent Heal for the opponent team is a nice combination so it wasn't a hard choice to put the Goblin Psychic in my team.

Position 4 - Queen Mycelia:

In the middle of the Line-Up because she gives 2 Armor to everyone.

Position 5 - Mycelic Morphoid:

A little Sneak protection for Queen Mycelia, potentially kills 1 Sneak-attacker because of the Protect-Synergy with Queen Mycelia

Position 6 - Djinn Biljka:

Can't be target because of Camouflage and deals quite massive damage for a 3 mana card. That is why it is in the back.


Round 1:

Pretty unlucky first round for me, Grund misses his second hit (25% miss chance due to flying)
and Goblin Psychic doesn't apply affliction. At least the opponents Goblin Psychic didn't apply affliction either.

Round 2:

Better luck in this round, Grund takes out the Pelacor Mercenary and tramples on to attack the next target - misses that one though. At least my Goblin Psychic applies affliction this time.

Round 3:

The enraged Regal Peryton is very hard to hit even for an Enraged Grund - (only 35% chance to hit)
So I didn't really expect him to take the Peryton out. Instead this is the last Round for Grund.
However my Magic team in the back doesn't care about the Regal Perytons speed and flying ability and take it out in the end of the round.

Round 4:

Luck is on my side again, my Goblin Psychic applies affliction while my opponents Goblin Psychic fails to do so. With that the match is pretty much decided.

Round 5:

With the opponents Goblin Psychic out of the picture the damage is too low to take out my (now self healing) Goblin Psychic

Final Round:

The Venari Scouts final struggle...


I won the battle but this match could have gone any way. The RNG was on my side this time, even though I did miss quite a bit too.

I used Grund a bit more often in the lower leagues, but I still think it is a nice card. However this match showed that all the damage in the world doesn't help if the attack doesn't hit ;)

The full battle can also be watched here

Thanks for reading and happy battling!


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