Rarity: RARE
Element: LIFE
Attack: RANGED


Ruleset and line-up:

Taking Sides - Neutral Monsters may not be used in battle
Mana Cap of 20.
Available Splinters - Fire, Earth and Life

My Team:

Summoner: General Sloan(+1 to all Ranged damage)

1. Pelacor Conjurer - Tank with the Flying, Magic Reflect and Divine Shield abilities
2. Time Mage - Magic Damage Dealer with the Slow and Rust abilities
3. Venari Crystalsmith - Ranged Damage Dealer with the Tank heal and Dispel abilities
4. Pelacor Arbalest - Ranged Damage Dealer with the Double Strike and Flying abilities
5. Soul Fiend - Ranged Damage Dealer


My strategy is basically deal massive damage before the opponent can touch me. I'm using decent speed Monsters in combination with the Time Mage's Slow ability is trying to achieve that goal.

Position 1 - Pelacor Conjurer:

Great low mana Tank. Deals no damage (apart from possible Magic reflect) but has a great chance to dodge melee or ranged attack with 5 Speed and the Flying ability.

Position 2 - Time Mage:

Has two great abilities for this match. Since my main damage source is Ranged removing potential Armor with Rust is great, also slowing the Monsters down can be important especially with ranged Monsters on the team, as they are unable to attack once forced into the front position.

Position 3 - Venari Crystalsmith:

Tank heal and nice damage what more can you ask for. Can also heal itself when forced in the first position, that is the reason he is placed in front of the Pelacor Arbalest.

Position 4 - Pelacor Arbalest:

Far in the back because it is the main damage source. At this level it has at least a little bit of dodge potential thanks to the Flying ability so I decided to keep the sneak protection to a mininum.

Position 5 - Soul Fiend:

To give the Pelacor Arbalest a little bit of sneak protection I decided to place the fiend in the back.


Round 1:

The opponent comes at me with dual Tank heal and a low level Unicorn Mustang. Great anti magic strategy but luckily I didn't go for magic. Because of my higher speed there is no possibility for the Mustang to dodge any of my attacks either. That is why it goes down in the first round leaving only 2 squishy magic attackers. This will be a quick match.

Round 2:

The rest of the opponents team goes down easy. With me having the speed advantage they don't even get to attack in this round.


I had pretty much the perfect strategy for this fight. The higher speed and the massive damage annihilated the opponents team without any of my monsters going down.

I like the Pelacor Arbalest even though he is a bit of a glass cannon especially on the lower levels. When using the Arbalest you better watch out for Sneak and Opportunity attacks! Depending on the ruleset or the enemy team he can be an absolute beast though.

The full battle can also be watched here

Thanks for reading and happy battling!


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