Splinterland battle: 16 Mana Cap | Earth

Seriously, low mana cap battles stresses me out. Then when I reached Bronze II, Splinterland started having rules. There are times that you will get to play with only few elements. Like say, for this latest battle I had - a 16 -Mana Cap battle with only Life and Earth as choices. It also has Spreading Fury as another rule. I am not sure I understand that one yet.


I picked Earth. I would love to have Mylor Crowling as my summoner in my lineup but then I am, at the moment, a player just enjoying the few earnings from this tier. In short, I do not have enough to rent out a Mylor Crowling. I like Mylor Crowling because he gives the monsters the ability to fight back - Thorns Ability.

Without him, though, I learned to put trust in what I am left with - the usual playable cards.

My opponent picked Life. I felt nervous. My Earth 16 - Mana Cap lineup has so far been winning a lot. And anytime I put them in, I know anytime also could be that lineup that topples it down. But for this match up. My sweet 16 Earth still won.

Summoner : Lyanna Natura | Mana cost : 3
I picked her as summoner for the +1 Health she distributes to my other monsters.

Position 1 : Unicorn Mustang | Mana cost : 8
I came to like this mustang eventually. I started with Splinter a little hesitant at picking Earth but when I saw how strong this one went up against my other lineups before I decided, why not. Besides, that Void ability brings me smile when the magic damage on me flashes zero. And admittedly that 10 health is also attractive. Though I have learned that sometimes betting on a high health and high mana is not 100% wise decision. High mana will limit me to using fewer monsters. Fewer monsters mean the chances of opponent monsters ganging up on me is huge. Even though I do have the health, it will soon be zipped in just few rounds leaving me with more monsters to finish off than I can hold the ground on.

Position 2 : Khmer Princess | Mana Cost 2
This one is another surprise character. I really have no funky idea what she does. But she did give me a loss one time I went up against someone who used this one. So I mixed and matched her with the pack as well. Noting that in 16-Mana-cap, she can be of some use.

Position 3 : Earth Elemental | Mana Cost 3
I have learned to love the "elementals". They do have some oomph in a card fight. Sadly though when this one ends in the first position, it is firewood, sayonara! But positioning strong monsters in front (and more attractive to Sneaks and Opportunities), this one can be counted on.

Lineup all set:


My opponent picked Life like I said.
Summoner: Mother Khala
Position 1 : Clay Golem
Position 2 : Divine Healer
Position 3 : Peacebringer


Seeing the Divine Healer made me groan. He's got the advantage of his first position getting healed every round. And Clay Golem is a little too macho too.

But in the end, my loyal lineup still ends up with the win.

Maybe I should also list down which lineups it came up against with but that's too much of a work now, right?

Anyways, since my 16 Mana Cap Earth lineup is yet to meet its match, it's a hundred percent pick. Looking at my list seems Earth tops the 16 mana cap with slight variations on Notorious Fumes and Back to Basics.

Will update once I learned or discovered a better lineup or a lineup that topples this one down.

And since I am a newbie and a learner I am very much open to suggestions on how to pick that awesome lineup :)

Thank you for taking time to read!
Do let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

See ya around!

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