Wait.... what?

I am not sure if this has happened to me before. But I guess the interval of the game was too short that I noticed it this time.

**I played an Earth lineup that I have often used before and always wins. I know it won't be long till there is someone who discovers there is a way to defeat that.

And that happened yesterday.

The odd thing is, when I tried his winning lineup and played up against someone who used my previous lineup, I lost. I'm like, what now?*

I am no expert with Splinterlands. Had I been, I would have been playing in the upper tier. But so far, my game is swinging lately between bronze and novice.

You win some. You lose some. And that is fine. The important thing is, you get to learn.

I listed down my lineups. These were brought up from previous battles. And with my top lineups laid down, I'd often get DRAWs. That means a lot of players use the same lineup.


That's fine it is bound to happen when everyone comes up with their "favorite" or they have observed that this certain lineup trumps other lineups. So you are looking forward to try it out.

Other players have that curiosity to play around the lineup and change the crew lined up at the back. The long-range folks. That hurt me some time ago. I thought one match was a Draw but the player I'm up against changed the placement of the backliners and I lost.

When I reach the edge of Bronze 2 I'd do my tweaking of my fave lineups, too. For now, I will be enjoying my go-to lineups

But I never thought splinter fate would have me a twisted battle.

At 30 mana-cap I laid down the following:

General SloanShieldbearerVenari CrystalsmithHerbalistTime MagePelacor ArbalestXenith Archer


At bronze, this has won me a lot. Until I faced someone with Earth lineup that beats this. He used this lineup:

ObsidianMycelic SlipspawnGoblin PsychicRegal PerytonKhmer PrincessVenari Spellsmith

He won. Quickly I made a note of his lineup. Apparently his lineup is an ace in 30 mana cap.

Few more matches later, I got a 30-mana cap play again. So I pulled up *the *EARTH lineup. Guess what? My opponent picks a LIFE lineup picking the same cards I did few games back. But who won?

He did.


I'm like.. wait.. what?

I am still laughing at this outcome. This would surely be an interesting thing to trace. Let's see...