Weekly Battle Challenge - SPINEBACK TURTLE


A link to a battle using this card can be found here

The SPINEBACK TURTLE, is the card for this week, weekly battle challenge. This is a water elemental, melee card from the Alpha and Beta editions of the game. It has a four mana cost to play. At level one, it has one speed, one attack, two shields and six health. This makes it a cheap front-line tank.

As the opponent was not likely using magic in this game, it made sense to use KELYA FRENDUL. This added one speed and one armour to each card, which increased the survivability of my team.

For the reasons above, SPINEBACK TURTLE was used in the first slot. DEEPLURKER was used in the second as it has high health and high damage card with opportunity. This allows it to serve as a second tank if the first slot tank gets taken down. Opportunity also allows for DEEPLURKER to target the opponent with the lowest health, and with the ability to deal three damage per hit at level one, this gives it a good chance to take out some high-value targets. KULU SWIMHUNTER was used in the third slot. This is a card with two ranged damage that has two speed and four health. This allows the card to have some survivability against snipe, while also allowing it to dish out some good damage. The MERDAALI GUARDIAN was placed in the fourth slot for its tank heal ability. This ability allows the GUARDIAN to heal whichever unit is in the first slot, increasing its survivability and, in turn, improving the chance of victory. The ICE PIXIE took the fifth slot. This is a strong card for its low cost. It starts with three-speed and flying, which hopefully allows it to dodge an attack or two, and, because it deals magic damage, there is little chance that it misses attacks. Finally, in the final slot was the HARDY STONEFISH. The reason this card was selected was due to the fact that it only costs one mana, and that is all I had left at that point. The STONEFISH also has the benefit of being able to survive at least two attacks so long as the opponent is using neither magic nor the pricing ability. This makes the STONEFISH a decent backline tank.

In this game, the strategy I used worked out well for me. The cards served their purpose and got the job done, resulting in the loss of only one card of the six placed. Overall, I like the SPINEBACK TURTLE. I think that it has great potential for low mana games. I would recommend renting it for that reason, especially due to the low renting costs of both the Alpha and Beta editions of the card.