Ranged Combo For The Win!! - Share your Battle Weekly Challenge


See the popular Yodin Zaku Wombo-Combo working in practice!

This post is an entry to the SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge - ANTOID PLATOON!



An Antoid Platoon typically consists of five to seven Fire Ants, each approximately the size of a man's fist. They are well armored and wield shields and spears that, while tiny, provide a formidable defense and offense against the antoid's foes. Operating through a shared hive mind, the Antoid Platoon is employed to defend Ant Miners, other workers, the colony, and its queen. They are also known to become aggressive when invaders encroach upon their homes and surrounding territory.

Mana Cost: 4
Splinter: FIRE
Rarity: COMMON
Stats: 1 Melee Attack, 3 Health, 2 Armor, 1 Speed

Abilities: Shield at Level 1 (Reduced damage from Melee and Ranged attacks) and Scavenger at Level 6 (Gains 1 extra Health each time a Monster dies).

The Match

Link to the Match

Just yesterday I published a post about Three Combos to beat the Silver/Gold League. And, alas, this week's "Share your Battle" Challenge depicts the Antoid Platoon, a great card to be played with the Yodin Zaku Ranged/Snipe Combo!

I thought to myself: "Hey, let's use this opportunity to show how this combo works in practice!". So here we are!

The idea of this combo is kinda easy: Yodin Zaku gives +1 Ranged Damage and the Blast ability to all your team. We then play several Ranged Monsters with the Snipe, in order to attack enemies in the backline and, thus, doubling the Blast damage.

And why the Antoid Platoon is a great card to play with this combo? Well, as we're playing lots of Low-Health, No-Armor, Fragile Ranged Monsters, we need a card to be our main tank in order to defend the rest of the team. And the Antoid Platoon is one of the best low-Mana tanks of the game! Right at Level 1, it costs only 4 Mana but have 3 Health, 2 Armor and the great Shield ability, halving all the Melee/Ranged damage.

At the end of the day, we want to use our precious Mana to play as much Sniper Ranged Monsters we can, in order to benefit the most from Yodin Zaku buffs. So we have to play a cheap Tank in order to save up mana for those Ranged Monsters, and here's Antoid Platoon value: cheap, but reasonably tanky!

Let's analyze my team!

  • My Summoner is Yodin Zaku. He's one of the most famous & powerful Summoners of the game, giving not only +1 Ranged Damage and the Blast ability, but also +1 Health, giving a little bit of extra survivability to the whole team. This extra Health is often enough to keep your Monster alive an extra round, increasing the value of each and every Monster of your team.

  • The frontline tank is the Antoid Platoon. One of the most efficient tanks of Splinterlands in terms of Mana. He's superb against Melee and Ranged Monsters, but kinda "meh" against Magic Monsters that can bypass both his Armor and his Shield ability. Nonetheless, he's your best bet as the Fire Splinter in Low or Medium-Mana matches!

  • My 2nd Monster is the Creeping Ooze. The 1-Mana Staple Monster that I love to play in almost all my games. His Slow ability debuffs the whole enemy team with -1 Speed. And let me tell you: this 1 Speed makes a hell of a difference, allowing your team to attack first and kill first. When you kill an enemy Monster first, you're reducing your opponent's firepower and the capability of him killing your own Monsters. "The Best Defense is a Good Offense". Players often ignore the Speed attribute as its effects are less obvious than Health or Attack, and that's a huge mistake.

  • My 3rd Monster is Goblin Fireballer. I didn't had enough Mana to play another Ranged Monster with Snipe, so I played the only one that I was able to afford: the Goblin Fireballer. But, due the Yodin Zaku's buff, the Goblin attack just doubled from 1 to 2; so the value of playing this card also doubled.

  • My 4th is Fire Beetle. Now we finally get to the Wombo-Combo Cards! A Level 3 Fire Beetle costs only 3 Mana but have 2 Ranged Damage and the Snipe ability. With the buffs from Yodin, he ends up dealing SEVEN damage per turn (3 against its target, and 2 against each Monster by the side of the target). That's a hell of a value, considering its Mana Cost!

  • My 5th is Ferexia General. Another Ranged Monster with Snipe. As he's the most powerful Monster of the combo (with 2 Ranged Damage and 3 Speed), I like to play him in the middle of the Fire Beetle and the Lava Spider, to protect him against incoming damage like Sneak or Snipe. Nonetheless, he ends up in the same situation as the Fire Beetle, being able to deal 7 Damage per turn with Yodin's buffs.

  • My 6th and last Monster is Lava Spider. The last Ranged/Snipe Monster of the combo. He's the weakest one in terms of Attack (only 1 attack), but the strongest one in terms of Health (5 Health). So he's always put in the last place of my team, to absorb some incoming Sneak damage. As I said in my last post, one of the main weakness of this strategy is Sneak damage, so I try to do my best to avoid this problem...

Good News, Everyone! The battle was a Success!

The match was a landslide!

Having a higher Speed was really worth it! My team was able to kill the enemy *Goblin Psychic before he was even able to attack or Heal the enemy tank.

Also, you can see the value of the Blast+Snipe combo: in just a single round of attacks, my team was able to deal more than 15 points of damage, while the enemy team dealt only 2 (a single attack from Regal Peryton). They didn't had any chance against this difference of firepower.

The Antoid Platoon, in the other hand, was able to stay alive for 2 rounds, protecting the Ranged Monsters enough time for them to kill almost the whole enemy team, including both Magic Monsters that were the main damage dealers of the opponent. After that, it was just a matter of sweeping the rest of the already-damaged enemy Monsters.


Thanks for reading this Battle Report, and until next time!

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Thanks for reading this post, and until next time!

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!1UP Esse combo já me fez vencer tantas partidas que perdi as contas, e é relativamente barato se você conseguir pegar um BID interessante para o Yodin. Ótimo conteúdo, continue assim!

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This post is very cool, congrats!!


You can earn passive income by delegation of tribe tokens to "The Cartel".

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