Stone Golem + Mylor Crowling = Easy Win! Share your Battle Weekly Challenge

The Stone Golem is an incredibly strong tank, with a small Mana cost and huge Health and Armor! Learn how to optimally play him in order to win more matches!


This post is an entry to the SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge - Stone Golem.



Stone Golem


The Stone Golems that reside around the Crags of Maglar are quite terrifying to any stranger who wanders into their domain. In spite of the sheer power and weight of them, these Golems are surprisingly gentle and peaceful. A good day for a Stone Golem is one in which he did a lot of heavy lifting.

Mana Cost: 5
Splinter: Earth
Edition: Alpha/Beta
Rarity: Rare

Mele Attack: 1
Speed: 1
Armor: 2
Health: 6
Ability: Shield (Reduced damage from Melee and Ranged attacks.)



The Strategy

The Stone Golem is an incredibly strong card, being the best low-mana Tank available to the Earth Splinter.

The reason is simple: he costs only 5 Mana and he brings SO much to the table: not only he has 6 Health and 2 Armor, he also has the Shield ability.

The Shield ability is the one that halves all incoming Melee/Ranged damage, and makes the Monster invulnerable against all incoming "1" damage of those two types.

This makes the Stone Golem the BEST tank against all Splinters but Water, given the fact that players using the Water Splinter usually plays several Magic Monsters.

Yes, unfortunately, it's true that, especially on the lower leagues of Bronze and Silver, the Water Splinter is the most popular deck, and unfortunately those pesky Magic Monsters will HARD counter your Stone Golem. But, against all other Splinters, he'll be ready to absorb A LOT of incoming damage while you wreck havoc in the enemy team!

So, if you feel that your opponent will be playing with the Water Splinter, it's better to keep the Stone Golem in your deck and use another card as a tank; I would probably suggest the Unicorn Mustang because of his Void ability (halving all incoming Magic damage).

But, if you think that your opponent will play lots of Melee Units (like playing the Fire or the Life Splinter), here's a pro tip: play the Stone Golem together with the Summoner Mylor Crowling.

If you've played Splinterlands for a few months, you probably know about Mylor: he was the most popular Summoner and had an incredibly high win rate due his special ability: he gives all your monsters the Thorns! Thorns makes all Melee Monsters that attack your own Monsters to receive an extra 2 damage. This almost guarantees a win against Melee-heavy decks.

The Stone Golem + Mylor Crowling Combo is very easy to understand: the Golem is very strong against Melee Monsters because of his Shield ability; and Mylor makes your whole team even more stronger against Melee with the Thorns abilily. It's impossible to beat you with Melee Monsters if you play this strategy!

On High-Mana matches you'll probably not play the Stone Golem, using cards like the Unicorn Mustang (8 Mana), the Pelacor Mercenary (7 Mana) or even the Flesh Golem (6 Mana) as your primary tank. But on Low-Mana matches, the Stone Golem and his 5 Mana cost will be IDEAL to occupy the first place in your team composition!

Let's see this strategy in action!


The Battle


Link to the Battle

This match was too easy, it was almost unfair for my poor opponent!

For his own demise, all his Monsters were Melee monsters. This was his doom: he was NEVER going to beat my Stone Golem and my Mylor Crowling.

Let's analyze my team composition:

  • The frontline tank is Stone Golem, the highlighted Monster in this Battle Report. All the Enemy monsters had 1 or 2 Melee Attack: this means that, because of the Shield ability, the Golem would be immune to the 1-Melee Monsters and the only enemy Monster actually able to hit him was the Shieldbearer.

  • The second Monster is Minotaur Warrior. I love using him as he's also very Mana-efficient and has the Reach ability, allowing him to attack while on the second place.

  • The Creeping Ooze is a classic Monster to play, costing only 1 Mana and giving a debuff of -1 Speed to all enemy Monsters. If you can afford the purchase, I really recommend buying this card for your deck.

  • The 4th Monster is Goblin Thief, a cheap Forest card with the Sneak ability, allowing him to attack while on the backline.

  • My last monster was Stonesplitter Orc. I love playing him on the last spot as a way to counter Sneak monsters: he has the Retaliate ability, so if he receives a Melee attack, the Orc will also attack the attacker.


The battle was a Success!

Every attack from the enemy Monsters triggered the Thorns ability; in the end, his own monsters were receiving more damage from their own attacks then my monsters.

In the other hand, my own Monsters were able to freely attack the enemy without any kind of retaliation.

In just a few rounds, the whole enemy team was dead, while the only Monsters from my side that was killed was the Stonesplitter Orc.



The Stone Golem is a stable for the Earth Splinter, and you'll be playing this card in the majority of your games as your main frontline tank.

He has great stats, one of the best abilities for tanks (Shield), and costs only 5 Mana to be played. It's difficult to kill him with non-Magic Monsters, making him ideal to tank when you're against any Splinter but Water.

You can combo him with with Mylor Crowling, guaranteeing a win against Melee-heavy Splinter (like Fire and Life). Without Magic Monsters, it's almost impossible to beat this simple-but-effective combo!


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