Ye Good Olde Dragon! - Share your Battle Weekly Challenge

Have you missed Dragons? I surely did! So let's take a look at this match with badass Flying Dragons with Thorns!


This post is an entry to the SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge - DRAGONS!




Dawn of the Djinn 4 of 4 - Only a short time after the Djinn were released, most of them were already seeing their elemental captivity as a blessing rather than a curse. They had far greater power than before, now that they were working with the force of the Planet at their backs. Pursuit of power was at the core of Belludae beliefs, so most of them would make small sacrifices for greater power.
The Djinn have not all found one another, and it will be difficult for them to do so since many of them reside in different elements. This is why several of the Djinn have submitted themselves as cards in the Moxian games, so they can connect with their lost brethren. Gradually they will come together to Praetoria as part of the last lines of defense, channeling the power of the Planet into an impenetrable wall to hold back the Chaos Legion.

Mana Cost: 8
Splinter: DRAGON
Edition: REWARD
Rarity: EPIC
Stats: 2 Melee Attack, 9 Health, 5 Armor, 2 Speed

Ability: Thorns at Level 1 (When hit with a Melee attack, does damage back to the attacker.)

The Match



Link to the Match

Here we are again, analyzing a match with everyone's favourite Splinter: DRAGON!

As I already wrote several times in the past here in my blog, matches with the Earthquake Ruleset are great to play as the Dragon Splinter due the Summoner Brightom Bloom and his special ability that gives Flying to every Monster on your team. It's just an amazing advantage, and it's really difficult to beat him in this Ruleset.

What made this match even more interesting is the fact that the enemy Summoner, Thaddius Brood, was the perfect counter against my own team, as I played 5 Magic Monsters and he was able to debuff my whole team with -1 Magic Attack. Thaddius literally halved my offensive capability! Damn you!

But, even with this huge debuff against me, I was able to win the match. One small detail that helped me in this endeavour is that my enemy played a few Monsters that are very defensive (like the Riftwing and the Disintegrator), so he ended up lacking enough firepower to kill my own Monsters.


Let's analyze my team!

  • My Summoner is Brighton Bloom. He's my favourite Dragon Summoner, being ideal to counter Melee or Ranged-heavy opponents (as Flying adds +25% evasion chance against those types of attacks), and is the BEST Summoner on Earthquake matches. Also, he's incredibly affordable and easy to be purchased even by new players!

  • The frontline tank is the Djinn Chwala. She's my to-go Dragon Tank, with an absurd amount of Health and Armor, and the allmighty Thorns ability. Not only that, but she's really Mana-efficient, costing the same Mana as other tanks like Elven Defender or Charlok Minotaur, but being way, WAY stronger!

  • My 2nd Monster is the Djinn Oshannus. He's a great secondary tank as he can attacks while on 2nd position (he's a Magic Monster after all), but can also protect the rest of the team if your enemy ends up going Magic-heavy due his Void ability. The idea behind this strategy is simple: playing a tank strong against Melee/Ranged attacks (Djinn Chwala), and playing a tank strong against Magic atacks (Djinn Oshannus).

  • My 3rd Monster is Nerissa Tridawn. A very Mana-hungry card, but she's great in matches like this one with a very large Mana Cap (58). With 3 Magic Damage and 9 Health, she's able to both deal a lot of damage and tank incoming damage from Snipe attacks.

  • My 4th Monster is River Hellondale. I love this card and her Ressurect ability! What's even better is when the Monster that she ressurects has a lot of Armor, like Djinn Chwala, as the ressurected Monster comes back to life with only 1 Health but with full Armor! It's a very smart trick that everyone should try to use.

  • My 5th and last Monster is the Sea Genie. This card is a staple in my Magic-heavy matches, as he has 2 Magic Damage and isn't very expensive to be bought on the market. To be honest, there are better Magic cards, but I don't have any of those, so Sea Genie it is!!!

  • My 6th and last Monster is the Captain's Ghost. I like to play this Monster in the last position because he can tank some Sneak damage as he has 7 Health. In retrospect, I should have swapped positions between Nerissa Tridawn and the Captain's Ghost, but it's just a small detail that won't matter in the end!


Good News, Everyone! The battle was a Success!

The match was a landslide!

As you can see on the screenshot above, ALL my Monsters were alive at the end of the match!

My enemy had lots of trouble to kill my tank as his Monsters lacked the damage to kill Chwala. In the other hand, all my Magic Monsters slowly killed the Cursed Windeku; the enemy team also got lots of extra damage due the Earthquake ruleset, while I was protected against it!

And, when they finally were able to kill Chwala, she came back to life due the Ressurect from River Hellondale. But, when this happened, half the enemy team was already dead, and they were easily dispatched.

The truth is that, even with the Thadius Brood -1 Magic debuff, my enemy didn't had any chances against me on this Match. The constante Earthquake damage, together with my focused Magic damage, was enough to kill his whole team in just a few rounds!


Thanks for reading this Battle Report, and until next time!

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Great content as always brother! I mean Brighton Bloom is the clear MVP here right?


!1UP Eu já venci tantas partidas usando o Chwala que essa carta se tornou um xodó entre as opções dos tanks Dragões. Ótimo post!