Extra Bang for your Buck!


Hello new player!

Been playing some Splinterlands? Got a few cards? Wondering where to go next? Let me show you something!

One of the most important parts of your deck is the summoner. It will determine what level cards you can put out, capped by the league you are in.

Having a basic level 1 starter summoner will only allow you to use level 1 monsters. If you go up against someone with a level 2 summoner, and higher level monsters, you're in trouble!

So go get yourself a level 2 summoner, here is an example.


This summoner at level 2 can use level 3 commons, 2 rare, 2 epic and level 1 legendary cards. This is probably the first major updrage you will make to your deck, either by buying a level 2 summoner, or simply renting one!

Remeber though, having a higher level summoner is pointless if you dont have higher level monsters, so what should you upgrade? Lets assume you're on a budget, you dont have thousands to throw around on epics and legendary cards, so lets focus on commons. They are cheap and easy to level up.

Not all upgrades are equal though! Most monster upgrades at level 2, and most level 3, give you just health and/or speed. These are important, but lets be real, damage and utility is what we really want! So lets use this as a way to decide which cards to upgrade!

I have gone through all the common cards and determined the ones that will give you the most bang for your buck! Took me ages to sort this out so you dont have dig though this yourself! Here we go!


 "Charlok Minotaur1.PNG"  "Charlok Minotaur3.PNG"
Upgrading Charlok to level 3 will get you 1 extra attack, 1 extra speed and -1 to speed. Sometimes you gotta sacrifice something, right?

 "Ettin Spearman1.PNG"  "Ettin Spearman3.PNG"
Ettin is awesome at level 3, he gets 1 extra attack, 1 speed AND he gets the piercing ability! Not often you get an ability at level 3, so make use of it!

 "Fire Beetle1.PNG"  "Fire Beetle3.PNG"
Fire Beetle just gets 1 extra damage, but for the mana cost, and the fact it has snipe, this is an EASY upgrade!

 "Goblin Shaman1.PNG"  "Goblin Shaman3.PNG"
Goblin Shaman is a great card for fire, but at level 1 he does no damage.. We can fix that! Upgrade this dude to level 3 and he gets 1 magic attack, but he loses 1 HP.. Easy choice for me!

 "Kobold Miner1.PNG"  "Kobold Miner3.PNG"
Kobold Miner gets 1 health and 1 damage. All gains, no losses, pick this little guy up!


 "Crustacean king1.PNG"  "Crustacean king3.PNG"
Crustacean King is a real G. He heals the water deck. Upgrade this sucker and you get him to put out 1 ranged attack. Not too bad for a healing crab.

 "Demented Shark1.PNG"  "Demented Shark3.PNG"
Demented Shark gets 1 attack and 1 speed. With his ability, he buffs your team +1 attack giving him 3 attack.. Crazy.. Insane.. Now you know why he is called demented shark!!! Get him!

 "Feasting Seaweed1.PNG"  "Feasting Seaweed3.PNG"
Feasting Seaweed gets 1 attack and 1 health. For a 4 mana card with opportunity, 3 damage is not too shabby. You know what to do!

 "Pirate Captain1.PNG"  "Pirate Captain3.PNG"
Pirate Captain gets 1 ranged attack and 1 speed, for 3 mana. You literally cant lose...

 "Sabre Shark1.PNG"  "Sabre Shark3.PNG"
Sabre Shark gets 1 attack and 1 health. Solid choice!


 "Flesh Golem1.PNG"  "Flesh Golem3.PNG"
Flesh Golem may just be the best level 3 common upgrade you can get. He gets 1 health and the Heal ability. Insanely powerful card at lower leagues. If you dont have this guy then you are doing something wrong!

 "Harvester1.PNG"  "Harvester3.PNG"
Harvester gets 1 attack and 1 health. Decent little guy when upgraded.

 "Pelacor Mercenary1.PNG"  "Pelacor Mercenary3.PNG"
Pelacor Mercenary is a new reward card so he is cheap as heck. Upgrade him to level 3, you get 1 attack and 1 health. No-brainer this one..

 "Rexxie1.PNG"  "Rexxie2.PNG"
Rexxie gets 1 damage and 1 health. Putting out 5 damage is no joke, take this one seriously!

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Life 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

 "Armorsmith1.PNG"  "Armorsmith3.PNG"
Armorsmith gets 1 attack to stop him from just being a buffing machine. Nobody likes a slacker, make him useful, upgrade him!

 "Baby Unicorn1.PNG"  "Baby Unicorn3.PNG"
Baby Unicorn gets 1 attack and 1 speed. Turn my little Pony into a killing machine!

 "Cave slug1.PNG"  "Cave slug3.PNG"
Cave Slug gets 1 attack and 1 health at level 3. Pretty decent for a common slug..

 "Divine healer1.PNG"  "Divine healer3.PNG"
Divine Healer gets 1 magic damage so she is even more useful. Staple of the life deck, must have upgrade this one..

 "Herbalist1.PNG"  "Herbalist3.PNG"
Herbalist doesnt get any stat upgrades BUT she gets an ability. Cleanse. Very powerful, but situational upgrade.

 "Silvershield Knight1.PNG"  "Silvershield Knight3.PNG"
Silvershield Knight gets 1 attack and 1 health. With his ability he buffs himself to 3 attack, as well as buffing the rest of the team. Another staple of the life deck, strong upgrade!


 "Giant Scorpion1.PNG"  "Giant Scorpion3.PNG"
Giant Scorpion gets 1 attack and 1 shield! Not gonna blow your mind this guy, but why not upgrade him anyway?

 "Nightmare1.PNG"  "Nightmare3.PNG"
Nightmare actually gets 1 extra damage at level 2, and at level 3 gets 1 extra speed. May only need to upgrade to level 2 if you're on a budget, but 5 speed is no joke on this guy. Give him that level 3 treatment!

 "Pelacor Deceiver1.PNG"  "Pelacor Deceiver3.PNG"
Pelacor Deceiver is another new card, so dirt cheap as well. For level 3 you will get 1 attack and 1 speed. At current prices there is no reason you shouldn't have it at level 3.


 "Enchanted Defender1.PNG"  "Enchanted Defender3.PNG"
Enchanted Defender gets 1 attack and 1 armor. It is what it is...

 "Gargoya Lion1.PNG"  "Gargoya Lion3.PNG"
Gargoya Lion, new reward card, cheap and cheerful.. He gets 1 attack and 1 speed. Enjoy!

 "Parasitic Growth1.PNG"  "Parasitic Growth3.PNG"
Parasitic Growth gets 1 attack and 1 health. Fits into any deck nicely with that opportunity. Great upgrade this one!


Hope you get some use out of that guys! Good upgrades! @lyerpald