Making profit in Splinterlands!



                                    Ways to profit in Splinterlands.

Splinterlands is not only one of the largest blockchain games currently available but it can also make you a great return on your investment while you play. Aside from it being incredibly entertaining, profit is the reason most people are here.

The great news is that this game provides many ways in order to generate income! Long gone are the days where you could only buy a card, hold on to it, then sell it for a profit. Sure, that is still a great way to make a profit, but its far from the only way.

                                        Money making avenues.

*- Play to Earn on match wins.

  • Card appreciation.
  • Card flipping.
  • Renting out owned cards.
  • Token appreciation.
  • Staking to earn SPS.
  • Daily airdropped SPS.*

As we can see, there are many ways in order to make money in this game. Depending on your budget, it has never been easier to earn money whilst playing a game that is actually fun.

                                            1. Play to Earn.

Splinterlands is a play to earn game, meaning for every match you win you will be rewarded with an
amount of the DEC token. Lower leagues receive significantly less DEC per win than the higher leagues, with various other factors affecting the amount of DEC you earn per each win.This is the most basic way to profit in the game, if only just a little at first.
Depending on what league you are in you will receive daily reward chests which could contain DEC as well.


                                             2. Card appreciation.

This is probably the simplest concept to understand, straight off the mark. If you purchase a card to add to your deck for $5 today, and over the course of a month the card increases in price, you can then sell it for a profit. Cards tend to appreciate in value which means over time your entire collection should become more valuable.
Over time you will receive many cards from your daily reward chests and season reward chests, providing you with an opportunity to either upgrade your cards or sell those cards for a profit at any time you choose.


                                              3. Card flipping.

Similar to Card appreciation, except the main concept here is to buy a card that is cheaper than the market average which you can then sell on the market for a profit. This requires an understanding of recent card prices and also a requires a good entry price, which is easiest done by putting in bid orders for cards. Bids can be places on


                                            3.Renting out your cards.

Once you own any card in Splinterlands, you have the ability to rent that card out to others on the market. This allows you to hold on to the asset, which can appreciate over time, whilst earning a daily amount of DEC from the renter.
You decide the price and the renter decides the duration, with a minimum of 24 hours notice should either party decide to cancel the agreement. Rental prices tend to increase dramatically towards the end of the current season, making this a very profitable venture.


                                              4. Token appreciation.

The tokens we receive from the game can fluctuate in price, meaning over time your purchase of DEC or SPS may be worth more in the future compared to the price you paid for it originally.
This is obviously impacted by many internal and external factors, but over time there could be significant profits by simply holding the tokens.


                                                 5.SPS staking.

SPS is the governance token in Splinterlands. These tokens can be purchased from the market and staked within the game to earn a variable APR. depending on your total amount of SPS staked. This APR will fluctuate up and down depending on the total amount staked by all players.
The tokens can be unstaked at any time although only 25% of your total tokens will be released every 7 days. Meaning if you stake 100 SPS, you will receive 25 SPS a week until the entire amount is unstaked.
An excellent form of passive income, paid out in SPS, for simply staking your tokens.


                                                   6. Airdrop SPS.

Splinterlands has a 365 day airdrop program which is well underway. Every day players in Splinterlands will be airdropped an amount of SPS based upon how many Splinterlands assets they hold in their account.
Cards, land, DEC and many other factors contribute to this daily airdrop, which is a free payout of SPS simply for playing the game. This SPS can then be staked into the SPS staking mentioned above in order to earn even more SPS.



As you can see, there are numerous ways to earn a profit in Splinterlands, some require active
effort while some are truly passive.
Regardless of your amount of capital to invest in this game, everyone can earn something from the very first day.
With efficient and tactical use of your assets, along with acquiring the skill to progress in game itself, you can play a fantastic game that is both incredibly financially rewarding and entertaining.
Be aware that prices can go up and down, every move as a potential to lose money, so careful research and an understanding of what you are doing is absolutely crucial. With new card releases