Splinterlands cards that have changed my life!


Here are some cards that have made my life so much easier getting started in Splinterlands. I struggled for a while before I purchased these cards, they can carry you to silver+ with no problem. This should help some people get started with a limited budget. Total card costs are around $100 with 1440 Collection Power.

#1 Mylor Crowling - $35 - $45 (40 Collection Power)
mylorbanner Cropped.jpg

This card is an absolute gamechanger at low levels. Drop this in when you suspect they will use a melee team, they will destroy themselves on the thorns. This can carry you into silver just on its own. Using Unicorn Mustang in the front line is usually a good idea to defend against magic attacks as well, as this is a weakness of this Splinter.

#2 Torhilo The Frozen - $10 - $14 (200 Collection Power)

Torhilo is an absolutely amazing card to deal with magic decks. Couple this with Bortus (-1 magic) Summoner and magic decks wont even be able to damage him at all due to -1 from his Void and -1 from summoner. Unless they have a 3 magic damage card, he wont take any damage. Decent health and armor means he can even be used against other Splinters, although low speed is an issue.

#3 Owster Rotwell - $10 - $14 (40 Collection Power)
 "Owster Rotwell.PNG"

Another great option to deal with magic decks in the lower levels. If they use the starter cards, often the magic reflect will kill them after 1 hit. Stick something with high health in the front and they will do a lot of damage to themselves.

#4 Brighton Bloom - $7 - $9 (40 Collection Power)
 "Brighton Bloom.PNG"

A mandatory card for any earthquake matches. Costs 1 more mana for this summoner, but gives you the freedom to use any cards you want, whether they have flying or not. Unless the opponent has this card as well, you will be at a big advantage. The flying is even useful for the dodge chance, everyone should own this one.

#5 Sand Worm - $0.90 - $1.25 (10 Collection Power)
 "sand worm.PNG"

Amazing damage, with sneak to hit the back line. This card is very powerful in lower leagues, especially for the cheap price, if you can afford the mana.

#6 Creeping Ooze - $5 - $7 (15 Collection Power)

Only 1 mana and a speed debuff on the enemy team. You can fit it into a lot of games to tank a shot and slow the enemy. Definitely worth the price.

#7 Goblin Mech - $2 - $2.50 (15 Collection Power)

Super effective tank, decent speed, health, armor and damage. For this price, you have to pick one up.

#8 Djinn Chwala - $2 - $2.50 (100 Collection Power)

One of the new cards, amazing value for the price. Everyone should have this card for this price! I often stick it on the last spot to deal with sneak attacks when I need a different tank up front.

#9 Venari Wavesmith - $1.90 - $2 (20 Collection Power)

Another new card, great value for money. Gives armor to your other cards, little bit expensive but that armor can save you a hit on each card. Very powerful for the price.

#10 Robo-Dragon Knight - $35 - $45 (1000 Collection Power)

This card is a bit more expensive but it is a very strong card just on its own. If you can afford to add this to your deck, the void, shield, armor, health, damage and speed make a crazy good package! Sometimes you gotta splurge a little...

Honorable Mentions

 "axemaster.PNG" "wood nymph.PNG" "ettin spearman.PNG"


I see that you put many effort in your post, but it would look better if you upload first photo with 16:9 ratio. Now your mylor not look cool at preview.


Thanks man, I will sort that out, appreciate it!


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