Finding value in Splinterland cards – Ferexia General

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Another post in this series. Thank you for your support in the previous posts 😊

This series intends to determine if there are other aspects of cards that may contribute to increasing its value. Based on your feedback I can focus on more/other things – so feel free to tell me where you want me to go into further detail.
I include some analysis on where the cards fit in terms of strategy and a market analysis of the price of the card in previous months. Feel free to suggest what more do you want me to look into.
In this edition I will be looking at the Ferexia General.

Card ID, Editions, and Number of Cards

This card’s ID number is 164, and it is a card from the Untamed set.

Total printed: 23371


(Data from splinterlands API)

Rarity type: Epic
Splinter: Fire

Card stats


I will be focusing my analysis on the usefulness of this card in lower leagues (i.e. bronze to gold).
This card’s main advantages are its Snipe ability, 2 ranged damage, and moderate speed (3). This card costs 5 mana, which makes it not very useful in low mana battles. However, in medium/high mana battles it is a great card, mostly due to the snipe ability (which absolutely shreds the backline). Under Yodin this card becomes a Behemoth, and a must have.
Overall, a great card that can currently be bought at around 2$.

Market Analysis

A great card that currently sits in the 2$ price range.
Let’s look at the last 6 months.

Looking at the graph, the following can be concluded:

  • in regular foil, a downward trend can be observed, although the card’s price seems to have stabilized at 2$. The next weeks will determine if this is a resistance or just small pause in the current trend.
  • in gold foil, the card also has experienced a downward trend, which most likely will continue. Currently at 30$, it seems it will continue its trend in the near future.

Please let me know in the comments if there is any further information you would like me to include in future analysis.
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