CryptoGaming News from the Cutting Edge!! What's going on in MID-OCTOBER?!?




It's an exciting time to be a degenerate gambler because there are more and more projects in this beautiful blooming garden known as Play2Earn. As more and more new projects like dCrops roll out old favorites like RollerCoin are trying new things. Just today we got the news that the big dog in the Play2Earn Scene Splinterlands is going to be starting the PreSale for their next set Chaos Legion in just under a week.


This next set is going to be the biggest event in cryptogaming for as long as Splinterlands can keep us excited and a month long presale is a novel way of slowly increasing the heat. While I'll admit the presale seems long as hell I'm very ready to trust the devs over at Splinterlands and see how this roles out. I've already got SPS set aside to buy my 500 packs of CL and become a Monster Maverick. While this will cut down on the overall airdrop points I acquire over the course of this first year it will get me into an elite group who sometimes get to see or even test new content. As someone who is passionate about this project and helping it grow to it's full potential that just not an opportunity I can miss.


I just completed my first season over at dCrops and it's he extremely slow farming simulation of my dreams. Over the course of the first 2 week season I was able to acquire enough crops to buy roughly one seed I can use to grow a new crop in the coming season. This is going to be a slow build and I'm fine with that, after all, dCrops is already growing! We just got Quests today!


RollerCoin feels pretty weird right now because there are some pretty amazing things going on but the new season is hot garbage water. Literally no one is excited about Dark Star. What is damn exciting? Quad rewards for mining DOGE for the next 7 days AND all of a sudden we can use our mining power to collect BNB? Score!


Little events like this are key to creating the edge that makes RollerCoin such a fantastic project. I'm not normally a DOGE stan but quad rewards is just too insane to turn away from. Still, a huge number of people have all their mining power pointed squarely at RLT. I wonder if the new Loot Boxes have really been that massive a success right away. Seem so to me.

Rising Star and Splinterlands both got merch for the first time and there are hits and misses. Rising Star is doing pretty cool things by making their merch available for purchase in HIVE and HBD. I've been thinking about how Play2Earn projects could merchandise for a long time as I have a lot of experience in retail design, marketing, and content creation I think the ability to buy these assets with tokens is a huge step. Next we need to have some merch that folks want to buy and wear and everyone seems to agree: Less is more.

The official stuff out there is straight up gaudy. Hey, Rising Star and Splinterlands, what we want is extremely simple merch not the all over design look. Maybe you shout hire someone with experience here and passion for the project! You have my resume ;)


In other more positive news Synergy of Serra seems to be a massive success and their crates are now fully sold out. I was pretty confused about what was going on with the "crate opening event" and had heard that everyone's crates were automatically opening. As someone who had purchased a large amount of both types of crates for both gameplay AND speculation this was a bit distressing but recent updates to the F.A.Q have really clarified THIS IS NOT THE CASE.

Fantastic news! It feels great to be fully on-board with Synergy of Serra

I'm going to use this moment of personal ignorance as a learning experience. When following the news for over a dozen games it's easy to get something wrong even when trying to vert all my information thoroughly. In moments like this I'm really glad that I didn't vent my frustration about a change that I had misunderstood, especially about a project I'm really a supporter of! That would be really unfair to any project and I'd hate to work against projects I want to see soar.

This is why I often try and stay positive overall in this industry. When thee is so much information to take in it's natural to become a bit confused. We are all in the cutting edge of a brand new gaming technology and, even in this place, I believe kindness is a very important value to hold. Be kind to yourself and each other, friends.

Over in Rising Star, Alien Worlds, Lost Relics, Neon District, Dr. Who Worlds Apart, and even UpLand I'm just quietly doing my things behind the scenes and laying the preparations for the The Crypto-Gaming Guild to have a bigger place in these projects as they grow and develop. A lot of words are wasted talking about how big whales are when the people who really make waves in this scene are the people who show up day in and day out. Keep that shit up!

I've been getting a really great response from my articles these days and it really means a lot yall. Every single vote, follow, like, tip, comment, and death threat really means a lot Writing about the games in this space is the ability to try and share some of what I'm learning with like minded strangers a lot the way and, as a weirdo who lives in the woods, I really enjoy that. Thanks for being on this Play2Earn journey with me!


Are you looking to hang out with other Crypto-Gamers? Join us over at the The Crypto-Gaming Guild discord. We are looking for game captains and folks who can help organize. If you are interested, please step up!

The games we are currently focusing on are:
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