Death to Alric! How Splinterlands most Underrated Splinter DESTROYS the MAD MAGE!



If you've been playing Splinterlands for longer than a week and have a pulse chances are you already hate Alric Stormbringer. Alric has quickly become the bane of newer players as the Bronze and Silver leagues are flooded with people spamming him for quick easy victories. I see a lot of people frustrated about this current Alric centered meta and, as someone who thinks the Mad Mage makes a perfect villain for the Splinterlands universe, I want to help you take him down!


So, what does Death do well? In a word, nothing. Death is not about things going well, it's about things going terribly. Your job as a Death Player is to make sure things are going worse for your opponent than they are for you. And across just three summoners, you have the opportunity to ruin literally everyone's days.


The toolbox of abilities on the 3-cost Death summoners is, in my opinion, undervalued by Splinterlands players. if you want to understand why Death is so powerful just take a look at Zintar against one of the best summoners in the game Daria Dragonscale. Zintar completly cancels out Daria's boost and for a full many cheaper. This is the psychology you want to take every battle as a Death Splinter general. This is about Tempo and Value.


Death has extremely sound fundamentals and learning to use them to take down Alric could be seen as your first major quest as a Splinterlands noobie. Haunted Spirit is one of the single best cards in all of Death but it can quickly eat up your whole deck budge, is Animated Corpse good enough?

Here are some tips from a seasoned Alric hunter with over 6 month in the Splinterlands and all the experience that has given me.

Start with Owster and get yourself some of the following:

Haunted Spirit and/or Animated Corpse, maybe even a Bone Golem! Shadowy Prescience, Prismatic Energy, Creeping Ooze, and ... if you are feeling wild, a Cube.

The game here is using Magic Reflect and high HP to let magic kill itself while you tear it apart. Any standard damage dealers work well so consider things like Grim Reaper, Vampire, Haunted Spider, or Twisted Jester.


Try and think outside the box to get as much HP as you can and survival Alrics opening turn assault. Gelatinous Cube is very likely the best 'HP for mana spent' in the game and Ooze can help you get some shots off before Alric nukes your entire back line with his opening shots.

No one said it would be easy. The Splinterlands are a dangerous place and, if you are looking to earn your fortune, you're going to need to be ready to fry a wizard or two! I hope that in some way this post has helped you get ready for that task!


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