Sneak, Snipe, Reach and the Equal Opportunity Rule Set



I was looking at my brawl battles and found this particular battle interesting. It looks like Captain Katie didn't follow the Equal Opportunity rule set. Her basic abilities are Snipe and Bloodlust, the battle ruleset were Equal Opportunity and Explosive Weaponry but she followed the snipe attack pattern. My guess is reach, sneak and snipe abilities takes precedence over opportunity ability? I was trying to find more information on abilities hierarchy if any but unfortunately I came up empty. Haven't notice this until now since I always click the skip to results for faster gaming. I only try to look at the battle when I have the time or I'm wondering why I lost a particular battle.


With my curiousity piqued, I tried battling until I encounter the Equal Opportunity rule set again. This time I used the fire splinter and used monsters with sneak, snipe and reach abilities so I can see their behavior. As with the previous battle, Mantoid which has the snipe ability followed the snipe attack pattern, same with Tenyii Striker with his sneak. Interestingly, Magma Troll with the reach ability behaved like he has opportunity. Battle link here

I hope this helps clear things on how the Equal Opportunity rule set works and it's effect on monsters ability.