Weekly Tourney Report Card - 150+ SPS Prize Earnings



My Splinterlands tournament journey started when I watched @oldmanqt's video on youtube. Here he discussed his strategy on how he earns over $200 every two weeks by playing in Splinterlands tournament. One of the requirements in joining this @sps.splinterlands sponsored tournament is having SPS staked, the amount varies depending on the prize. The good thing about these tournaments are you are mostly assured of getting at least the entry fee back just by winning some matches. Sometimes, there were few participants that you are assured of doubling your entry fee just by joining😃

I have a little over a thousand SPS when I first started joining tourneys and if I’m not mistaken there were 3 tournaments that I am eligible to join in. But I want more so I bought additional SPS until I reach the 4K+ SPS staked. That made me good to join a tournament daily. Wild, Modern and Chaos format, as long as it is novice, bronze and silver league and not a Gold Foil or Alpha edition, I will participate.

After 2 months, thanks to the SPS airdrop, interest, and prize earnings, my total SPS staked is now 6.2K+ SPS.

Gauntlet Bronze Wild Invitational

This is one of the tournament that has a higher staked SPS and entry fee requirement but you get some substantial payout if you place in the top 32. The rules are as follow:

  • 5,850 Staked SPS
  • Bronze League
  • No Legendary Summoner
  • All Editions Allowed

As you can see from the image below, there were 139 partipants and the rewards are given to the top 256. Maybe winning at 2 or 3 matches will bring you to the next tier and earning 4 SPS in profit.


The previous Gauntlet Bronze Wild Invitational, I placed 8th. My highest rank and payout to date 🙌 I consider myself an OK player but not on the elite level so I'm quite happy with the outcome.

Tournament Summary

This is my tournament result for the first week of June. I usually generate a season report card using @kiokizz's app but it did not work for me this season. Maybe there were some changes on Splinterlands API.

NameEntry FeeRankPrize
Scarred Hand Beginner Silver Cup2 SPS163rd2 SPS
Gauntlet Bronze Wild Invitational5 SPS8th141.667 SPS
Silvershield Academy Beginner Training2 SPS140th3.778 SPS
Archipelago Modern Novice Invitational10 DEC36th7 SPS
Who is the King of Bronze?1 DEC44th0
Scarred Hand Novice Beginner Training5 DEC18th4 SPS
Darastrix Modern Bronze Beginner Training184th2 SPS2 SPS
Scarred Hand Bronze Beginner Cup2 SPS20th8.5 SPS
Hashkings Proposal Tourney!100 DEC14th1 Rare Gen2 Avatar NFT + 1 HK Seed/SA

I'm still far from reaching even a hundred every season but I enjoy playing in tourney and that is more important for me.

Thank you for reading and hope to see you on the next tourney.

Image taken from Splinterlands website


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