Share Your Battle Challenge: OSHUUR CONSTANTIA

Hello everyone! Today let's take a look at a recent battle featuring
✨ Oshuur Constantia ✨

oshuur constantia.png


About Oshuur Constantia

Oshuur is the Riftwaters promo card that you could get as an airdrop for buying Riftwatchers packs during the pre-sale. I didn't buy packs during the presale but I was on the market shopping for my own copies when she was dropped! 🤣 I ended up buying 6 BCX to max her out for Gold League at $29 each. Totally worth the price in my opinion.

Let's first take a look at her stats and skills ▼


Oshuur is a legendary dragon monster. Starting off with resurrect and 2 magic damage, I am not sure if she would be really worth the 7 mana. However, she gains reflection shield at level 2. This will protect her from annoying blast attacks or magic reflect. So, this really helps her survivability. However, where she really becomes an amazing card is at level 3 since she gains Tank Heal!

I love to use her in the second position along with a powerful tank. She will be protected from blast with her reflection shield and she will keep that tank alive! If you can throw in another monster with resurrect and or tank heal then your tank will be really hard to beat!


All right, let's get to the action!

Watch the battle 🡺 Click here! 🡸


The rulesets are Earthquake and Blast with a 58 mana cap.


At first look I was worried as I saw some really strong cards on the other side like Diamond Dragon and Dragon Jumper. 😱 However, I had nothing to worry about thanks to Oshuur...😉


OMG! 😱 My tank died in the first round! However, Oshurr came to the rescue with resurrect. Now Longtail has just 1 HP and 8 shield. Can he hang in there? Oshuur is doing great blocking damage from blast with her reflection shield!


We quickly took down Uriel and did a ton of damage to Chaos Dragon due to the blast ruleset. They should have used reflection shield~ 🤷 Also, our tank is hanging in there with 5 HP now thanks to Oshuur's tank heal.


We quickly took down their next 3 monsters with our attacks and blast damage. Woohoo! Only two opponents left and as you can see our tank is standing strong!


BAM! 💥💥 Diamond Dragon went down easily with my 6 magic damage. Oshuur did take damage from earthquake but we defeated them before it could take her out! She protected the rest of the team from blast like a champ. 💪


Final Thoughts

I feel like my deck has gotten significantly stronger since adding Oshuur! I think she is probably the best support in modern league. The only downside would be the high-ish mana and low-ish health but if those were different she would probably be too good! 😂

If you have a different modern support monster that you like better, let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this week's battle challenge!