EXTRA #2 : Splinterlands' adventures never stop!

Here's another series of sad memes, I hope you don't suffer too much reading them.

I created these memes just cause I like to do it and I hope you will be able to smile, just a little bit...I'm sorry, don't hate me too much, my sense of humor is a bit broken.

1 ) The Pelacor Conjurer wears sunglasses...why would a fantasy character wear sunglasses? Well...because he is a Chad.


Tyrus Paladium just froze

2 )Finally Doctor Blight figured out how to make easy money, not a great day for Tyrus "the Naive" Paladium.


Easy 1000$ for "The Children of Doom"

3 ) Tyrus is a kind guy, but not the most brilliant, the Pelacor Mercenary is simply speechless, can someone tell me why?


Probably he should never wake up, 1000$ please

As for the first meme post, I apologize to all the Splinterlands community, I know I'm broken and I'm trying to bring you with me in this crazy whirlwind, if you smiled you are already lost, I'm sorry.

Just to add a "serious" part, I really think Splinterlands should be something more than "earnings" post and that's why I publish this type of content.

Best regards,

P.S. my referral link: https://splinterlands.com?ref=magalli

P.P.S. A special thanks to @monstercrusher for whitelisting me.

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