Take a Break #5: Christmas holidays look-alike, waste your free time with me

It's been 17 days since my last look-alike post, so today, the 26th of December it's time to make up for it and find five new characters to compare. As always I ask for your help and suggestions for the next episodes, I would like to make it a community.

So, I'll stop wasting your time, I just hope you have spent a nice Christmas with your family and dear people in your life.

Let's start this new gallery:

1 ) The Radiated Brute is one of the new "ghost cards" from the Chaos Legion expansion, she looks like a crazy lady from a post-apocalyptic world, the moment I saw her I thought about Summer from "Rick and Morty", especially the Brute Summer from dimension C-137.

Grade of Similarity: 7,5/10 Different hair color and grade of craziness, but same forearm bandage.


Summer is a bit more relaxed, maybe.

2 ) The Doctor Blight is the first airdropped card, probably at this moment the most iconic "Chaos Legion" card, with a wonderful design and interesting abilities, a card that everybody would like to own (in fact I didn't have the luck to find him, because I didn't get to 50 pre-sale packs purchased). I think the design is inspired by the Plague Doctor dress, sadly famous in the past centuries, becoming a Carnival of Venice mask after the 19th century and in my opinion, one of the most iconic masks ever made.

Grade of Similarity:8,5/10 The mask is practically the same, and the walking stick is the perfect accessory.


If someone has too many Docs and wants to send me one as a Christmas gift, I will not complain, I swear.

3 )Tusk the Wide is a Red element tank with Void ability, personally, I really like the artwork and I think it could be a really useful card to counter magic opponents, plus he has a fierce red beard that makes him resemble a Viking, in fact, he reminded me of Stoick the Vast a character from the Dragon Trainer movie.

Grade of Similarity:9,5/10 Both are fierce, both are enormous and both are amazing Vikings.


And both have an ax.

4 ) The Djinn Muirat is an amazing legendary Death card with Void Armor ability, in the artwork he appears so powerful and dangerous and he looks like a mix between a Shaman from New Orleans and the famous Yu-Gi-Oh! card Summoned Skull.

Grade of Similarity:6,5/10 The Summoned Skull has some wings in excess, and too much skeleton.


Impossible to find a mix between a Shaman and the Summoned Skull.

5 )The Queen Mycelia is another legendary card I would like to own (how silly am I?), she has the amazing Protect ability and she definitely should be a must-have in every collection, with her red hands and pale skin she reminded me of the Monster from the movie "Pan's Labyrinth" by Guillermo Del Toro.

Grade of Similarity:6/10 Luckily for her, her eyes are in the right position.


Peekaboo my queen.

I finished my fifth gallery, and I really enjoyed doing it, I really hope someone will "waste" some of their precious RC to help me find new look-alike characters because it's funnier with more people involved.

Best Regards,

P.S. my referral link: https://splinterlands.com?ref=magalli

P.P.S. A special thanks to @monstercrusher for whitelisting me.

I don't own any rights on the featured images, all rights go to the respective owners.
Images sources:

https://rickandmorty.fandom.com/it/wiki/Summer_Smith_(C-137)?file=Summer_Smith_%2528C-137%2529 (.png)

https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/3a/Paul_F%C3%BCrst%2C_Der_Doctor_Schnabel_von_Rom_%28coloured_version%29_2 (.jpg)




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I would like to see more fun content like this :D You did a good job!


Thank you so much! I'm actually sharing 3 types of posts: "Take a break", "Interview" (the one a bit more serious), and "Daily routine"

I'll keep publishing, thank you for the positive feedback


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