You Say Poison and I say Double Resurrect with Double Heal


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Resurrect Madness in a Poison Match

Dominating a Poison Battle in Gold 3


So the match was a 44 mana, Noxious Fumes and Weak Magic match. My strategy was to cleanse Shieldbearer and hope that I could keep him healed through enough turns to win. I figured with the double heal and cleanse I would end up losing Herbalist and Divine Healer, both of whom would get resurrected. I was not confident who it would get resurrected first because of the triage coming from Chanseus the Great but I was fairly certain those 2 would be resurrected removing their poisons.

My opponent looks to be anticipating healing and trying to protect against both magic and melee. I question though 2 choices, bringing affliction seems like a bit of a waste since I would expect my opponent to have cleanse. It becomes mostly a speed issue. The affliction would need to hit before the heals cycle and I suppose most healers aren't fast but maybe I just don't know enough to know it as a solid play. Second though is bringing Venari Bonesmith, with only 1 damage and a poison which again you would expect to get cleansed he is questionable. For both of them there is an additional concern since both are fairly low health. Bonesmith does have lifeleach but at only 1 damage and 4 health assuming no other monsters hit him he still only lasts for 4 turns. Finally, the double demoralize, I get why its there since both monsters have other reasons to be in the match but I feel like there was probably a better lineup possible.


The final move of Round 2 was High Priest Darius using his resurrect on the Divine Healer. So as we move into Round 3, I have 2 healers still alive, 1 resurrect left to use, I have a cleanse still available incase they land another affliction or poison and I have nearly moved through all of their magic defense which means that at this point my back line units are safe until they move to the first spot.


Turns out, I was wrong about who would get the second resurrect. Due to the triage and the reflect magic it was High Priest Darius who died second. Not what I had intended but it didn't matter since by that point my opponent was down to just Harklaw and my repair would constantly put a shield in his way.

Did I just pick the perfect counter to my opponent's lineup? Is life op for this matchup? Did my opponent just run a goofy line?


As always, be well, have fun, and don't forget to be awesome.

MstrMagoo aka MagooZ