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A Monster Introduction

Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 8.08.23 PM.png

Stats and Whatnot

Edition: REWARD
Rarity: COMMON
Element: WATER
ABILITIES: Reach at level 1; Knock Out at level 5; Snare at level 9


A simple but stirring bit of lore which lends itself well to enhancing at least two of the three abilities the Wave Runner posses. Short, simple and to the point.

The Wave Runner sees not one but two sets of prey. The first set of eyes scours the ocean for a tasty morsel. The second set of eyes looks above to the skies for unsuspecting flyers. With a powerful swipe of its tail the Wave Runner can leap out of the water and bring giant birds and dragons alike into the water where its body provides a natural fighting advantage. It's best to find land or make peace with your soul if you're unfortunate enough to face a Wave Runner.

It's a shark so in my opinion it still has a humungous blind spot but pulling dragons under would suggest a rather large shark so best to just steer clear.


As was true last week, the Wave Runner is a reward card. Also like last week's Ant Miners, the Wave Runner is entirely out of print. See the screenshot below for the report from @splinterstats.

Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 8.20.40 PM.png

I'm curious if burn rate is due to the cards being as cheap as they were for so long and if the new reward cards will see a rate significantly lower.

We Want a Fight!

Of course you do but don't get your knickers in a bunch. You've made it. It's here.

League: Gold
Rating: 2322
Ruleset: Aim True and Rise of the Commons
Mana: 20
Splinters: All of them

How it started:

Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 8.39.50 PM.png
My opponent had been using a lot of Biz Kitty in prior matches but I really didn't expect it in a 20 mana match so when I saw the double heal I was a bit worried. Basically, it's my damage against their heal. This is where I started to feel better. I counted up my damage, 9 total but 1/3rd from our featured monster, looked at monster speeds (all of mine are faster than the Sea Monster even after the speed boost from Byz Kitty), and started to feel pretty confident about this match up given that one of the rulesets was Aim True. If my opponent had brought a higher level Sea Monster with more HP and a Thorns ability this may have gone very differently, but they didn't so away we go.

How it's going:

Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 8.47.38 PM.png
At the end of the first round, my Furious Chicken has performed it valiant duty of taking one for the team while my 3 attackers have seen to the Sea Monster. It's effectively all downhill from here.


Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 8.50.10 PM.png
One round later and things have gone swimmingly. I still have 3 attackers and my opponent is down to 1 Battering Ram.

How it ended:

Spoiler alert! I won!
AND with all 3 attackers still in great shape!

Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 8.53.02 PM.png

I expect the above is enough for you but if you want to fact check me, the replay is here: Bortus vs Byzantine Kitty.


I have only recently started to use Wave Runner and I'm really glad I have. With a strong attack, good speed and only so-so health they make for a great supporting melee unit who should survive pretty well in almost all scenarios when not against Yodin Zaku or Explosive Weapons which would likely take him out in the first round. Also, at just over $0.50 USD per BCX the price tag isn't too high.


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As always, where ever and when ever this finds you, be well and don't forget to be awesome.



Wave runner is great when you have demented shark with you so he gets a hit boost


Inspire is a bit of a blind spot for me. I just don't think to play it typically.


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