Rising Dead - Win 5 ranked battles with the Death Splinter


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Hello my splinterlands family

How are you all I hope everyone is very good, so today again I am come to share another new battle video and I hope you're also like my full battle video.

Yes of course put it I need to win 5 battle using death splinter, and very easily complete my daily mission ..

I hope you like today's whole battle video. It took so long yesterday that I have no time to say it. I think it took me the longest time this year. It took a lot less time today and I didn't have to play too many battles.

Today I thought the situation would be the same as yesterday but in the end I don't see my first battle. If I win three battles in a row very easily then two battles go by and there is a little internet problem for which I have to go to the website and play.

I will talk a little bit about all the players who were in my opposition today but they were all very good players because they saw that many beautiful cards were using many ID cards which made it very difficult for me to win the battles.

But you know your brother has a fairly good card with your friend and I was able to win till the last because of sorting it out by putting a little bit of intelligence in your brother's friend's head.

Of the battles I have played today, which one do you like the most? You must tell through comments and I will say that some battles I have lost. Some of the legends of losing these battles must tell you that you actually lost the battles because of this.

If you like my video so much, then you must like the video. Thank you all for watching my battle video.

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