Stealth Mission - Win 5 battles using a Sneak monster

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Hello splinter family

How are you all? I hope you are all very well. Aslam, I am going to share a beautiful video with you today like every other day with a new video. I have presented my daily competition in front of you today and finally it takes a little longer to complete it I do not understand that myself.

At first I won two or three battles very easily but then I got a kind of frustration after winning two battles.

There was a battle played inside this total video which you must like very much because the battery was my favorite.

Even then the video is a lot bigger but it has played a lot of fun and of course you know that when I share my daily battle video in front of you I definitely share a lot of conversations and I hope you enjoy watching the whole video.

Everyone will be fine, stay healthy, thank you

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