Alternative strategy for 12 mana matches - is this lineup worthy?

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What's up Splinterlandians!!

I hope all of you are having a nice day. The season ended and I guess all of you got a chunk of those new reward cards from the season loot chests. I got a few as well, but I couldn't take a screenshot at the time of claim as it got stuck and also did not appear on peakmonsters as well. However, after sometime I checked my cards tab and found some new cards so the claim gone through. But, I did not receive any fancy reward card this season, no legendary or gold foils, just an epic card from Fire realm, Fire Launcher!Yes.this 9 mana gigantic archer card looks legit and can provide benefits in high mana matches, probably with Zaku.


On the other hand, We finished playing another brawl and this time we finished second and got a total of 77 crowns for the guild. All the participants who submitted all of their matches in this brawl also got rewarded with 4331 merits each and I also got them. I also had some merits left from the last brawl so this time, I bought total 3 brawl packs! Let me share the cards I got in below. I am already having 4 or 3 bcx of a few glad cards now and only 1 or 2 brawls more and i can upgrade them to their next level.



Now, let us now take a turn back to my battle monster of this week and this time, I chose to share you an alternate 12 mana lineup that I use often. Really, in the 12 mana matches, Foxwood + Kron is an overused strategy now and no doubt it works well most of the time. But, sometimes when you don't get earth summoner in ruleset or miss kron due to some ruleset, what should you do?

Well, you can still make good decks with other summoners and cards when it comes about playing the lowest 12 mana match. Today, The match I will be sharing with you today is a 12 mana match with earth summoner and Kron available. But the ruleset is healed out here so my kron cannot heal itself. So, I tried with a difference strategy and made a Range deck with Selenia and Fire cards.

Advantages of using a HIGH SPEED ARCHER lineup in low mana matches:

  • In low mana matches, especially in range friendly rule-sets like close range, multiple range monsters can be more beneficial than using a single big stat monster. You can attack multiple times per round and can even take down multiple enemies with each blows.

  • Using Goblin Fireballer, Spark Pixies, Halfling and other 2 or 3 mana archers and give you the window to depend on multiple high powered attackers rather than just 1. I used selenia here to increase their attack power further to +1 so that's 4+3 range attack per round onto enemy cards.

  • Moreover, the stun ability of both Fireballer (from level 10) and spark Pixies (from level 5) can stun the enemy defenses almost every round so when enemy will miss their attacks, you can deal more and more damages upon them. Just Imagine that you are giving stun to the enemy Kron every time :) Wouldn't it be great?

  • Putting a cocatrice at front in matches where you wont get attack with magic attacks can be a game changer some time. In this match as well, my coca evaded multiple range attacks from opponent and stayed alive for quite some time while my dual archers were attacking constantly.

  • Making a coca + range linup against multiple magic monsters would bring losses more than win so make sure your opponent wont use them first.

Battle Line-up


Battle Link: Click here

mana Cap: 12

Splinters allowed: Fire, Earth, Life, Death and Dragon.


  • Healed Out - No monsters can be healed in this match.
  • Close Range - Range monster can attack from first position.

If you look at the dual rule-sets here, the first one 'healed out' is blocking any kind of healing so better not use healers or tank heal cards in this match. The second one 'Close Range' is no doubt favoring the rangers. So, I though to go with range monsters as my main attackers and the cocatrice at front for defense. let me explain my lineup in detail below..



I used the mighty COCATRICE at my first position. At 12 mana ruleset with healed out ruleset, you will mostly face range or melee monsters to fight against so I put my faith in Coca. I am using a level 6 here and it has 1 melee attack at 5 speed and 4 health with flying and dodge ability so it will evade some melee and range attacks hopefully and buy my attackers some time.



I used a level 3 FURIOUS CHICKEN in the second place so that it can consume 1 attack from the opponent and give my rear monsters one more chance. I am using a level 3 here and it has 1 melee attack at 1 speed and 1 health.



I used CREEPING OOZE at my third place of the lineup to slow down enemies so that my coca and other attackers perform better. I am using a level 8 here and it has 1 melee attack at 3 speed and with 3 health along with the slow ability.



I chose GOBLIN FIREBALLER at the fourth place and it is my first attacker in this match. As I am playing in gold tier currently, my fireballer is level 8 and it has 2 range attack at 4 speed and 3 health with snare ability. If opponent is also using coca, this is my answer to him.



I chose SPARK PIXIES as my last card of lineup and I am using a level 6 in here. At this level it possesses 3 range attack at 6 speed and 3 health. Its my second and last attacker and I am pretty dependent on SPARK PIXIES here. It's stun ability will paralyses enemies for 1 round when applied and the flying ability will protect itself from getting hit by enemy range and melee attacks.

Match result


Exactly as I thought, just like me, my opponent also didn't put his faith in kron without heal and used the life splinter with 2 range and 1 magic attack upon me. His front was weak but the magic monster at the end can give me trouble mid level as I also have low health monsters at my front. Let's see how it goes in the battle.


After getting all the buffs and debuffs the match started and my pixie attacked first and took down the shield of the enemy chicken. The coca attacked next and killed down the poor chicken. The enemy lensmaster attacked afterwards and damaged my coca. The enemy silvershield archers followed lensmaster and attacked my fireballer as it was the first monster in sniper position and damaged his health down to 1. The divine healer attacked last and decrease my coca's health to 1.


At second round, my pixie again attacked first and killed down the enemy ooze. Then, both my fireballer and coca attacked and beat down the enemy lensmaster as well leaving the silvershield archers at front. Now the silver duos attacked but missed both of it's range attacks on coca! But then the divine healer attacked my coca with its magic and killed it down. Thus my chicken came at front and with it's tiny attack it broke down the armor of the last enemy archer.


At the begin of third round, again my pixie attacked and with its deadly blow, it killed down the enemy archers single handed. The fireballer attacked afterwards and broke the Armour of the enemy ARMORSMITH but it repaired it Armour back and attacked and killed my chicken. The divine attacked next and damaged my ooze's health to 1. The ooze attacked last and again broke the v's Armour.


At fourth round, my pixie attacked again the first and killed down the armorsmith. The fireballer attacked next and broke the shield of the divine healer. The healer attacked last and made my fireballer's health to 1.


At the last round, my pixie attacked at first again and with it's high 4 range attack, it damaged down the health of the healer to 1. The fireballer then launched it's attack and killed the the last enemy card finally and I won the match!

It was really an interesting match guys and a tough one as well. As I am not playing in diamond, the cards are not maxx level in battlefield. For this, I am missing the stun ability o goblin fireballer which is very important in low mana matches. But anyhow, with the power of selenia's +1 range attack and those high speed archers and coca and front, it turns out to be a good speedy lineup.

But, there are some negative sides of using this lineup as well. As you saw, magic monsters can be very deadly against this lineup. If my enemy would have used dual magic monsters with a good defense at front, i might have lost this one but I was lucky he used only 1 magic monster, even that with only 1 magic attack so I won this match without hassle.

Wish you all good luck on all of your future SL matches.

Thanks for visiting my post.

Stay well and keep playing Splinterlands.

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