LIVING LAVA - The ultimate solution to you defensive strategy

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Hello my fellow warriors!

I hope you are hustling well in splinterlands.

Ohh God! Only he knows what happened to splinterlands for the last 2 days as it seems so slowish n laggish since the last 2-3 days. I am seeing multiple failed message on browser or phone when trying to search for a ranked battle and I have to do refresh every time that is happening. After submitting my lineup for the battle the same this is happening and I even lost some matches for this cause. The DEC payout per match is already been decreased to 22-28 DEC pre win and upon that this lag really makes it boring and painful to play. But wait, I am not complaining as it seems like the SL team have already rectified the problem as I felt when started playing today. The laggish part obviously and not the low DEC earning from Ranked match XD

On the other hand, I am getting literally a ton of card from my daily quest loot chests. From My last 2 days quest rewards, I got 2 gold foil commons, 1 epic and a couple of rare and common cards. But, the potion and dec rewards generation from those loot chests has been decreased dramatically. I am sharing my latest quests loots to explain what I am talking in here.


If this is the case in general, DEC is going to pump high real soon because the supply has been cut in multiple ways to increase the demand. The Chaos Legion pre-sale will be on within some weeks and we all are already expecting another big pump when the new edition came alive but looks the pump will be further boosted with this DEC shortage. Let's see hoe this goes as it's only speculations coming out from a mango brain XD

Now. let us take a turn and look what I have today to showcase all of you. Yes, all you have already saw him in my thumbnail, today, I will showcase the Living Lava from Fire realm and will use it in ranked battles to see how worthy it really is.

What's so special about this Living Lava ?

  • Living lava belongs from the Fire realm and this card got released as an untamed edition. Its a 7 mana cost rare card and it's attack type is melee. All of it's stats makes him a good choice for the front position in battle field.

  • From it's initial level, it gets equipped with the shield ability, making it more durable against melee and range attacks. It also possesses 2 Armour from the beginning which increases as the card gets upgraded.

  • From level 5, it gets the rust ability and that's where the real fun started. After getting rust ability, not only you are getting a defense at the front but also reducing enemy armors and thus making them weaker prey to attack upon.

  • At the maxx level, it also gets the Thrones ability and becomes a headache for those enemy melee monsters. For his increased stats at maxx level, Living Lava already becomes a hard target to knock down so the thorns ability upon that makes him a pain for those enemy melee monsters. As long as it gets attacked by those melee ones, it will return damage to them thanks to this awesome ability.




Gets reduced damage from melee and range attackers.



Reduces armour of every enemy monster if have.



When hit with a melee card, it does reverse damage to the attacker.

Market Stat


There is one max level Living lava available on market as cheapest per bcx and will cost you total 379$ (3.30$ per bcx). Single bcx cards are starting from 3.49$ each and will cost you 521.144 DEC and above later on.

Battle Line-up


Battle Link: Click here

mana Cap: 48

Splinters allowed: Fire and Death.


  • Lost Legendaries - No legendary monster can be used in this match.



I chose the mighty LIVING LAVA in the first because of it's Defensive stats. i am using a level 8 here and it has 4 melee attack and 1 speed, 4 Armour and 8 health. Upon that he is also possessing shield, Rust and Thorns ability so I am very hopeful on it's performance in the battle.



I chose PRISMATIC ENERGY at the second position because of it's anti magic stats. i am using a level 8 here and it has 3 magic attack at 5 speed and 11 health along with 2 abilities - Void and Magic Reflect. In case my opponent uses multiple magic cards. it will save me for quite some time.



I chose another high attack magic monster NAGA FIRE WIZARD at the third place of my lineup. I am using a level 8 here and it has 4 magic attack at 4 magic attack at 3 speed, 1 Armour and 6 health along. Moreover it also has 2 abilities - Shield and Thorns.



Let's add some more defense in my lineup by adding the TOWER GRIFFIN. I used this flying monster at fourth place and it has 2 range attack at 4 speed and 6 health along with 2 abilities - flying and protect. Protect ability gives +2 shield to all my friendly monsters so it will pump up my overall defense.



I used MANTOID at fifth place because of it's sniper and snare ability. I am using a level 10 here and it has 4 range attack at 5 speed and 7 health. I could have a used other monsters in here as well but I wanted to bring damage on opponent's sniper position.



SPARK PIXIES is my favorite fire range monster and I used it all the time until its a reverse speed match. i used it at last position so that it stays alive longer against melee and range attacks. I am using a level 8 and it has 3 range power, 7 speed and 3 health along with 3 abilities - flying, stun and evade.

Match result


It was really an interesting match and I think it's the first time that I encounter a high level Lava launcher card. The opponent's lineup was also great. Like me, he also used Yodin Zaku summoner and At front he used a Molten Orge as his defense stance. Now let's look what my Living Lava actually did in this battle.

  • Because of his Rust ability, Living Lava snatched away the Armour of Beetle Queen and also reduced the Armour of lava Launcher to 4.

  • His Armour + shield ability kept him alive against those big blows from lava launcher and Ettin Spearman while my Range monsters were killing his front line in meantime.

My main attackers Spark Pixies, Naga and Prismatic took down the front line so smoothly that even i didn't believe at first. The enemy Molten Orge got stunned since the beginning and before he could launch his first attack, I successfully killed it. The Prismatic's speed also helped it evade attacks. I chose the mantoid casually in this match as I generally chose more than 1 sniper or none at all. But it seems like I was doing it wrong as it 2 monsters, the wounded Giant Roc and Beetle Queen with a single blow in the first round which of course gave a winning boost on my side.

So, as you saw from the battle, Living Lava is an Excellent Choice and a must have card in the Fire section. You may find it's low speed annoying sometimes (thou you will be super glad in Reverse speed matches), it's overall stat is really worthy in the battlefield and I know it first hand. So, now it's your turn to tell me what you like about this awesome creature made of lava! Please share your feeling in the comments below.