Meet Vruz -the upcoming Promo card sale based on Staked SPS

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Hello my fellow warriors!

I hope all of you are doing well in your life and also enjoying this awesome hame on your daily basis. We have already entered into the new ranked season and I think by now, all of you have collected your season rewards and started playing into this new season. In the last season, I not only got into the Champ II tier, but also crossed one third of the road toward the highest tier Champ I. But, I couldn’t reach there before time and ended the season with 4,092 trophies. I am okay with my performance but it could have been better. I also am liking the new and lower league threshold limit as now, it requires only 4,300 trophies to reach the highest Champion I tier whereas before the update it was a whooping 4,700 and with my current deck it was impossible to get there. But now I have a little hope awakening into me as I was only 200 trophies away from reaching there. Hopefully, with adding some more missing summoner and monster cards and improving my gameplay may do the trick so let’s see what happens in the next season.

Vruz, the loot goblin


Looks like we have come across another amazing Splinterlands event and this time, they have come with an amazing promo card but the rules to get this card is totally different and unique from other usual. This time, the team have executed a proposal already approved overwhelmingly by the SPS stake holders. It was a proposal by @genepoolchlrn8r and @davemccoy which was being proposed back in January and the context of the proposal was to mint and sell a brand new promo card that will be playable and tradable in the game and the card will be allocated based on the amount of staked SPS players have in their account. He also proposed to allocate 1 card per 1000 SPS staked and the purchase price of every BCX card to be 1 voucher. Thanks to the team, as it was voted for heavily and passed, they worked on it and finally it’s here.

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Sale Details:

The card will be available to buy from March 21 onwards and after the scheduled maintenance break. A snapshot will be taken of each account holding staked SPS at the time of maintenance and each played can then buy 1 BCX of this card for every 1000 SPS they have staked and to buy each each BCX of card, the layers have to pay 1 voucher. I really like this idea where first they are putting an eligibility criteria of staked SPS, encouraging the players to increase their stake and then taking a little price of 1 voucher per card is making is even more eye catchy and a lucrative deal. Clearly, if you already have a decent amount of SPS staked, you are getting vouchers everyday so this card almost comes free if you think in a way. However, this promo card is a common type so in order to max this card, you will need 400 cards which means 400k staked SPS and but only 400 vouchers to get a max promo limited edition card.


Now, let us focus on the card itself as it’s only the the 5th common rarity Dragon element card in the whole game. Meet Vruz, the loot goblin who is the upcoming promo card in this game and if you look carefully, haven’t you seen him already. If You haven’t noticed, this goblin runs away with a bag full of SPS on his back in the loading screen, whenever you perform a transaction in the in-game SPS page m, so he is seeing us for a long time.

Card Stat

The Vruz is a common type Splinterlands card that belongs to the dragon splinter. This card possesses melee attack type with sneak ability and costs only 2 mana to be used in battles. Because of it’s sneak attack with high 7 speed, it immediately claims the place of fastest sneak monsters alongside Feral Spirit. At max level it possesses 2 melee attack at 7 speed with 3 health along with 3 abilities - Sneak, Martyr and True Strike ability. It’s stats and ability pack clearly state how much powerful this card will be in battleground and I am sure that the sneak strategies are about to change soon with this new beast.


My Thought

I currently have 59k+ SPS staked in my account and by 21th March which is only 4 days away, I will try my best to reach 60k and collect 60 BCXs of this promo card. However, as I play ranked matches in Diamond -> Champ throughout a season, I will need 400 BCX of this card in order to max it out and make it usable. So I will be 340 BCX away still after buying my allocated 60 cards. It’s only the first promo card sale of this kind and I am sure that there will be more sales like this one to encourage us to stake more and get benefitted over time. I also realise that by only staking all my earnings from playing into the pot and re staking my SPS stake rewards is not enough now and I have to start buying little chunks of SPS from market as well, while it is trading near it’s lowest price. What about you?

I hope you liked this amazingly amazing new promo card and waiting to buy your eligible bunch when the time comes. Let me know how much you are getting and if you are holding or selling after you have them in the comment below. I will be seeing you all in my next post.


Wish you all good luck on all of your future Splinterlands matches.

Thanks for visiting my post. Please come again!
Stay well and keep playing Splinterlands.

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