Pelacor Bandit - Your favorite Bed time angel !



Happy weekend My fellow Warriors!

I hope all of you are enjoying the Sunday at it's best. But don't forget to complete your daily quest in splinterlands or you will miss this new reward cards right! For me, I already finished today's quest while battling in Diamond II when I woke up this morning and got an epic card URAEUS from one of them loot chests! I have shared the screenshot below for reference. I am slowly building my new reward collection and I have already bought 2 level 8 gold foil common reward cards for cheap - PELACOR MERCENARY and PELACOR BANDIT. I consider both of them great cards, especially the PELACOR BANDIT which to me is better replicate of the beta sneak water card Shark. As the supply of reward cards are over crossing the demand, they are pretty cheap now compared to the old reward card and I hope I soon make them maxx level before they price up.


Now, why I chose these 2 monsters first out of all? Let's talk about that PELACOR BANDIT today and find out! So, let us take a U-turn and move towards this week's special monster showcase and try to find more about this naughty Bandit!

Why Pelacor Bandit is so important to have??

  • This monster is melee attack type card from the water splinter and costs 3 mana to use. It has 2 abilities - flying and sneak and fun fact is - both abilities are unlocked from it's initial level. Thus, this monster even in lower levels can perform well and can be used making good lineups with.


  • At max level, it possesses 4 melee attack at 6 speed and 5 health along with the 2 abilities. The game changes here as at this point the pelacor bandit overpower the very popular Sabre shark where both has same stat at max level but the bandit does hold an extra ability - flying which definitely cannot be argues.

  • Even at level 8 (Gold tier max level), it holds 3 melee attack at 6 speed and 3 health and is of course with flying and sneak ability. Now, because of having such high speed + flying ability, not only you can use it as a normal mid level sneak attacker but also a front defense card or in the rear. In the below battle, OI have used this bandit as level 8 at the front line and scored a sweet victory so you can get a clear view of what I am saying.



Sneak - Targets the last monster of the opponent's lineup.


Flying - Will have more chance of evading attacks coming from non-flying melee and range monsters.

Market Stat


As it's a newly launched card and widely distributed currently via quest and season rewards, pelacor bandits are quite cheap. Some high level cards currently being listed at only 0.11-0.12$ per BCX and the single BCX cards will cost you only 12-12.5 dec per card.

Battle Line-up


Battle Link: Click here

mana Cap: 22

Splinters allowed: Fire, water and Death.


  • Stampede - The trample ability can run continuously as long the trampled monsters get skilled.
  • Explosive Weaponry - All monsters get Blast ability.



I chose PELACOR BANDIT at the front place of my lineup as it brings high speed with flying ability making it a hard target to attack upon. I am using a level 8 here and it has 3 melee attack at 6 speed and 4 health with flying and sneak ability. Thou the sneak ability wont work here as its in the front position.



I selected the KELP INITIATE at the second place and it is my second defense in this match in case something goes wrong with my pelacor bandit. I am using a level 8 here and it has 0 attack at 6 speed and 9 health with cleanse and triage ability. With cleanse ability it will put away all negative debuffs on the pelacor bandit and with the triage ability it will heal my rear monsters.



I chose the MERMAID HEALER at third place of my lineup. I am using a level 4 here and it has 1 magic attack at 3 speed and 4 health with 2 abilities - triage and Strengthen. It's 1 magic attack will bring small damages on enemy but it's strengthen and triage ability will make my lineup stronger.



I selected CRUSTACEAN KING at my fourth place to add a Armour layer to all my friendly monsters. Moreover, his tank heal ability will heal my pelacor bandit every round so that it stays alive for long time.



I chose RULER OF THE SEAS at the fifth place because of it's high attacking stat. I a using a level 4 here and it has 4 magic attack at 3 speed and 5 health with 3 abilities - Blast, Swift and Silence. The silence ability will be very helpful in case the opponent uses multiple magic monsters.



I chose ICE PIXIE at the rear most position and it's my last monster of this battle. I am using a level 8 here and it has 2 magic attack at 5 speed, 2 Armour and 3 health. with 2 abilities - flying and Shatter. It's high speed will also has the potential to evade sneak or opportunity attacks if the opponent uses any.

Match result


Well, it was merely an experiment to see weather a gold tier level pelacor bandit can withstand attackers from diamond tier levels or not. I didn't expect much thou but it turns out the bandit is way more powerful than I thought of it.

My opponent put his faith into Malric Inferno summoner from fire splinter which gives +1 melee attack to all friendly monster. He used 3 melee attacking monster to hunt me down including a max level Serpentine Soldier at front, A sneak Kobold Miner at middle at the serpentine Spy at the end. $ out of his 6 monsters were max level and even rest 2 were high level as well.

After the battle got revealed, I just asked myself 1 thing, will my bandit evade the enemy Serpentine Soldier's attack? After getting all the buffs and debuffs the soldier was having 8 speed and my pelacor was having 7 speed but with flying ability. And yes, it successfully evaded the deadly blow from the soldier! Unbelievable!

Contribution of Pelacor Bandit in this match:

  • At first round, Both the enemy serp cards were having same 8 speed as you can see in round 1. But the spldier among them attacked first and targeted my pelacor bandit. But thanks to it's high speed and flying ability it evaded the attack easily and after getting it's turn to attack, it broke down the enemy soldier's shield and also damaged the flame monkey with blast.

  • At second round, it attacked early again and killed down the flame imp with it's furious melee strike and also brought damage to the kobold miner whole was the next in line.

  • On the same round, it again evaded the deadly attack from the enemy serpentine soldier! That's 2 evade from the highest speed carrier from opponent and right here I really felt the real potential of this new reward card. However, my bandit was already wounded and died soon after getting the melee attack from Kobold miner. But by the time it got down, I already killed down 3 of the enemy monsters so afterwards I scored an easy win.

I hope you enjoyed the match. No doubt this Bandit is badass! I will try to level it up and make maxx as I said above. DEC payouts are very good now so I dont think it will take much time. I would also suggest you to level up your pelacor bandit soon before it went to the MOON!

Wish you all good luck on all of your future SL matches.

Thanks for visiting my post.

Stay well and keep playing Splinterlands.

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