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I hope all of you are enjoying the summer vibes with your family and friends, especially if you live in a cold Country. But the situation is exactly opposite in here, as we are literally getting burned by the heat waves and hotness of the sun. Now talking about splinterlands, taking a look at the current season, we have already come near the middle of this season and it has only around 7 days to end, so let us focus even more and play those ranked matches well to earn more SPS and Glint points. Now for me, I have been really busy for the last 2 days so I couldn't play splinterlands and literally played just 2 or 3 matches and wasted much of my energy bar. So today I will be playing for a while and drain those energies down to 10 or 20 and try for increase my trophy count. I am currently Playing at Diamond II tier with a present trophy count of 3,360 and from now on, I will be Fully Focusing on increasing my Trophy raring enough to reach the next tier because not much time left in hand.


On the other hand. Only around 2 weeks left for the next Rebellion edition airdrop to get launched and distributed among Rebellion packs or card stakers depending on their total chances collected in this time frame. For this upcoming card named Cryptic, a minimum of 325 chances is required to get every guaranteed BCX of this airdrop card and so far in this card airdrop, I have collected 488 chances so far and have another 2 weeks in hand, the calculation says I will hardly get enough chances to get 3 guaranteed cards before timer resets. But if my luck shines in the airdrop like it did in some of the previous ones, I may end up getting more than 3 and in that case, I would be very happy!

Now moving forward to the main topic of this post, I will be talking about a famous Water card from the chaos edition which we often use in medium to large mana matches, mainly to get immunity from blast or other reverse damages and stun the enemy cards. As you have already seen and recognized her from the thumbnail above, today we will discuss WATER CALLER. So without causing any further delay, let us jump right in!

Water Caller

Water Caller is a Magic attacker card that belongs to the Chaos edition card set. This monster is a Rare type card, so it needs a total of 115 BCX cards to be upgraded to max level. It costs 5 mana to use this card in battles, so you can easily select this card from medium to high mana matches. Let us now take a further look into its stats and abilities league wise at below.



At level 2, this card receives 2 magic attack at 1 speed with 5 health and it also gets the Stun ability since the beginning. With the help of stun ability, if it can apply this ability while Attacking, it can stun the enemy and cause it to skip its turn for one round.


When you upgrade this card to level 4, here it gets the same 2 magic attack at 1 speed, but with an increased 6 health along with the Stun ability.


When these monsters gets upgraded to level 6, it then possesses the same 2 magic attack at 1 speed but with an increased 7 health and it also gets a new ability called Reflection Shield from level 5. This ability will protect it from blast damage and magic reflect attacks.


When this card finally gets upgraded to its max level of 8, it receives an increased 3 magic attack at 2 speed with 7 health along with those 2 abilities that I mentioned above.


Battle Link


I had only started playing for today and at the third match, I got This medium 29 mana limit battle where every element but Death was allowed in the match. There was only 1 match ruleset applied in this battle Divine Shield and for this match, I decided to build a water deck with magic monsters mostly while using the attack-less cards + Moxian Rebel Weapon training combo. So I built my lineup while using the water chaos summoner Kelya Frendul and I selected the Baajkira at my front followed by Moxian Rebel, Meerdali Guardian, Water Caller, Venari Marksrat and Doctor Blight at the end position. I predicted that my opponent may use sneak monsters to attack my back so I placed my marksrat in such a way to increase the stats of my monsters doctor blight and water caller when it dies.

When the match lineups got revealed, I found out that my opponent has used Lix vega summoner with water cards and at his front. He defended it with Diemonshark followed by Meerdali Guardian, Uraeus, Pelacor Bandit, Angelic Mandarin and Doctor Blight at the end position. As expected, he used 2 sneak monsters against me and they will soon kill down my Marksrat and activate its martyr ability on both of the adjacent monsters.



As the battle started, the enemy sneak attackers took down the shield upon marksrat but couldn't kill it down. The enemy also applied both affliction and Poison upon my Baajkira but ai also applied Affliction upon the enemy Diemonshark and now, it can’t be healed by the Meerdali.


At round 2, the 2 enemy sneak cards finally killed Down my Marksrat and gave both blight and caller +1 to all stats. I also killed down his Diemonshark easily and then at round 3, my magic attackers took down the enemy Meerdali While my caller consumed the sneak attacks and my blight then wounded and poisoned the Uraeus.


When the round 4 started, My Baakjira died because of poison and the Uraeus also got damaged by poison and then got killed by my Meerdali, followed by my rest magic attackers who wounded the bandit heavily down to 2 health and Doctor also applied poison upon it, so it automatically died when the next round begins. Then the only 2 cards left in enemy lineup Mandarin and Blight was helpless and quickly got taken care off by my Monsters and hence, I won another amazing match and won some SPS and Glints.


I hope you liked watching the match which I shared and talked about above in the post. Do you also use Water Caller often in your battle lineups? Let me know in the comment section below and I will be seeing you all in my next post.

Wish you all good luck on all of your future Splinterlands matches.

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Stay well and keep playing Splinterlands!

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