Midnight Routine, Splinterlands When I wake up & Splinterlands before Bed !!

It's 1:30am PH time and I have just claimed my airdrops and have added more into the DEC/SPS Liquidity Pool, completed my quests on both my accounts, ranked up close to Diamond 3 (Its hard), opened 10 Chaos Legion Packs (To satisfy the gambler in me) and have now discovered something else to add to my daily routine. The tournaments are really worth exploring, you can pick specific tournaments that take your liking with a variety of leagues to choose from. You dont have to wait around as they will notify you when its game time, and similar to brawls just add your teams. It is affordable and the prizes seem in arms reach, and you get to practice for brawls & ranked matches whilst resting your ECR.

I will be encouraging our local demographic and players from Splinterlands Calbayog PH to take advantage of this underestimated earnign opportunity. Thank you Splinterlands.