Hasnain here and wanna share my review, experience and everything regarding venari spellsmith. This is free card but thanks to chaos pack that I got this monster and I am proudly owner of this monster. This is considered as a small mana card and one of the best use of this monster is using it with any magic attack monster that benefit it's attack and you know very well that which monster I am talking about. Also it has very good ability which clear positive effects of the enemy's first monster and do you think it's normal ability ? of course not. So you have to try this for greatest benefit of this specific monster so let's get started. I have already played battle so no I am going to share the played battle information.



pelacor conjurer.png

One of the most important card for small mana battle which protect you from ranged and melee attack by missing them. It has 3 speed in level one so more powerful to miss the attacks as well as only 2 mana and 4 health. It is cheap too because it cost 0.01$ and you will get lots of in rewards : p additional trick is to add tank heal with this. and that's what i followed.



Melee attack card which has sneak ability which cause damage by 2. It has less mana and this is not less than uraeus because this specific monster has more attack than uraeus and also the mana is same so why not take this one instead of uraeus. I am not saying uraeus is not a good card but this one is better alternative. You can say it is messiah for small mana battles.


venari cr.png

Life splinter battles are incomplete without this tank heal monster. Taking it with GENERAL SLOAN will increase the attack and also it will heal the first monster double benefit ri8 ? also it has good health and speed in just 4 mana so it is important for both low and high mana battles. I have single level card which I got in reward. And it is not good to play battle without this.



I did not want to try this one but instead I love to prefer time mage but then I thought why don't try something different? And that is what exactly I tried and one more thing it is important for this battle so taking this monster was necessary. This is not bad card but it is brilliant card because of dispel ability because removing positive effects of the enemy's most powerful card Is not a easy thing.

Battle against fire splinter

So this is the battle video for your better understanding and it looks good too because it adds quality to your post so that is why it is important. I always prefer to add one video in my post as well I have shared battle link and battle rounds below and I hope you would love it.

The battle -

Round 1 - Stitch leech killed XENITH ARCHER.
Round 2 - Attacks going on ...
Round 3 - Venari spellsmith killed ANTOID PLATOON and Venari spellsmith killed magma troll
Round 4 - Venari crystalsmith killed GOBLIN FIREBALLER
Round 5 - Stitch leech killed scavo chemist
Round 4- I won

I got no DEC tokens because my rating was down but don't worry i will improve it and even improving my team day by day.

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

As always it's worked perfectly but I don't think that I have to change this but I believe in variety because other players are smart enough too so for that specific matter I would love to time mage card instead ofvenari spellsmith because in the same mana I will get magic attack as well as it will reduce the speed of all cards of the opponent. So obviously I am going to try something different next time and it is my habit to share every activity of splinterlands so I will share the update too.

Do you like VENARI SPELLSMITH? Why or why not?

I don't like it but I love it because this type of ability is rare and you can see only few cards here. Actually I love all splinterlands card. I love venari spellsmith because one thing it has 4 mana only, second thing it is magic attack and as you know I love magic attack cards and last it has dispel ability which is clear all the positive effect of the enemy's first monster and this is not a small action because by this technique you can even beat the high level monster sometimes.


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