Splinterlands Social Media Challenge!


Hasnain is here & warm welcome to my splinterlands blog. I am slowly growing in my account and again I have tried something different strategy. I have some life splinter tricks that I have applied here in this battle and I wish that you will love it. I was not active here so I have not added previous social media post and also not played in my splinterlands account. I want to level up my cards but it seems to be difficult process but growing slowly is one of the best option and that's what I am going to follow in future. I can't imagine chaos legion future price so it is time to add some in my bucket.

Team setup with MOTHER KHALA


Whenever there is small mana battle immediately the thought that come in my mind is mother khala because first benefit is it has 3 mana which is lesser than the chaos legions summoners and getting 1+ health in every single monster is really great benefit so who don't want this? So I decided to take this as my summoner.



Chaos kinght is one of the best life monster to use in first position after shieldbearer and it takes only 6 mana so now you can understand that why I takes this summoner at first place. Chaos knight has shield ability and two attack, two speed, 3 armor and four health which is enough to fight against any monster except magic monster. Take healer as well for better fight and survive long.



CELESTIAL HARPY is my favorite. You can't find any alternative of this card, it's unique card. Let me share the characteristics of this specific monster. One of the major benefit that it has very low 2 mana and in this small mana you get flying and opportunity ability and it will attack the weak enemy which has low health and most of the monster will miss the attack on it. Overall, fully beneficial for everyone.



O god what should I can say about this one? it is the father of legendary cards and together with general sloan, she is breaking the enemy badly. Presenting double attack monster from life pelacor arbalest. The thing is you have to protect it or in other words, you have to place it in such way that it can survive till the end so now it is up to you that how you place it. You must have solid first monster and do not place this in the last otherwise sneak attack will crush her so never do this mistake



Only 2 mana left so instead of taking any 0 attack card I preferred to take this specific monster in the last as well as it will protect the pelacor arbalest to getting a beat from sneak attack. Also sometime opponent win from 1 attack so that time this type of small cards play major role so don't underestimate herbalist because it is greatest monster too and you can see it is played big role in this battle so even if you help with just one drop in glass but when we collect the drops it becomes glass of water...

Battle against dragon splinter

This is battle video for better understanding and also this way I am promoting splinterlands on youtube so it is necessary to add video. Below is link and round killings information that you need to check too. You have any suggestion for me in this team, it would be great for me.

The battle - https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_c16351061917cf4f39450dddaac892b1&ref=maniyarhasnain

Round 1 - Attacks...
Round 2 _ Attacks...
Round 3 - CELESTIAL HARPY killed djinn chwala
Round 4 - Pelacor arbalest killed venari crystalsmith
Round 5 - Pelacor arbalest killed naga assasin
Round 6 - Chaos knight killed GARGOYA SCRAPPER
********* I won ***********


Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

As you can see my strategy worked decent and the question that what i will try next time then answer is simple I want to change my summoner to general sloan so that I will get more ranged attacks as well as I want 1 extra mana in this battle so that I can add that summoner otherwise I have to deal with card placement and I need to change chaos knight with pelacor conjurerwhich is great monster too.

Do you like Life splinters? Why or why not?

When I was started to play, I never liked life splinters but after chaos knight arrival, I am liking this team much. We can customize our team with many ways by using life splinters and get better result. I am seeing that below 1000 ratings most of the players playing with life splinters.


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