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Hasnain here and welcome to my Splinterlands blog. This is my blog with Earth Team and I use Earth Team mostly in battle. I chose to take the Earth team in the battle because I like the Earth team and most of the cards in the Earth are also very good, if the Earth team is taken with OBSIDIAN summoner, the card that has magic attack gets +1 magic attack. Also I easily won the battle with this earth team and you want to check my previous post

Team setup with OBSIDIAN

I used OBSIDIAN summoner in this battle. This summoner is available in 4 mana and if a magic attack card is taken with this summoner, +1 magic attack increases. Also, by taking this summoner the battle can be won easily. I use this summoner more in earth's team because this summoner is very good in earth and taking summoner gives me more benefits.

I took this card in first position. This card has 3 attack, 4 speed and 10 health and due to the void ability of this card, magic attack is less. Also this card is very good so I took this card in this battle.
I chose this card in second position because it has 2 attack, 2 speed and 3 health. Also, since this card has a sneak ability, it attacks the opponent's last card and this card can attack from any position.
I took the VENARI SCOUT card at the third position, this card also has 1 attack, 2 speed and 3 health. Also, due to this card's opportunity ability, it attacks the opponent from any position and targets cards with low health.
I took this card at the fourth position because this card is a magic attack card. Also this card has 1 attack, 1 speed and 2 health besides this card is good.
I also took the CHILD OF THE FOREST card in this battle because it is a ranged attack card. This card has 1 attack, 5 speed and 2 health. Also, due to the snipe ability of this card, it attacks all other cards except the first position card of the opponent.

Battle against earth splinter

This is the video of my battle, by looking at the strategy of this battle, you can prepare the team in this way. By watching this battle you will understand my battle.

The battle-https://splinterlands.com/?p=battle&id=sl_0274ea4d1074969a57f762a2dc488596

Round 1- UNICORN MUSTANG killed MYCELIC MORPHOID, attacks...
********* I won ***********


Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

Yes, my strategy worked because I used OBSIDIAN summoner to damage the opponent so that all my cards get +1 magic attack. The UNICORN MUSTANG card played a very important role in the battle this card did not last long in the battle but as long as it lasted in the battle it continued to damage the opponent. In this battle, I also took the GOBLIN THIEF card, this card continued to attack the opponent in the battle for a long time, so the enemy team suffered a lot of damage. Also in this battle VENARI SCOUT card also played a very important part, this card kept attacking the opponent until the last time and the enemy team had to pay maximum damage. KHMER PRINCESS is also very good, this card kept attacking the opponent for a long time so that the opponent suffered a lot. CHILD OF THE FOREST ranged attack card was also used in this battle. This card continued to attack the opponent till the end so that the opponent suffered maximum damage. Next time I will choose LIVING LAVA card because this card has good attack, speed and health also this card has 2 shields. Also, due to the shield ability of this card, melee and ranged attacks are less effective for this card. This card is considered very good and this card can be taken in high mana. I use this card in many battles and win easily.

Do you like earth splinters? Why or why not?

Yes, I like this card because the attack, speed and health of this card are also good and because of the void ability of this card, magic attack is less and this card is very good. Taking this card into battle did not make it difficult to win the battle and I won the battle easily so I like this card a lot.


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