Opening a Hundred Chaos Legion Packs

Greetings, Fellow Monsters from the Lands that Splintered and other Curious Creatures!

This might be the only post that I'll ever make on the topic (or not) despite it being a common thing among others to do (or yes to do).

Sometimes, I get to make decisions which when it comes to my status would qualify as the
Go Big Or Go Home
kind of moves.

I am going to walk you, in pictures, through the opening of a hundred packs of Splinterland's Chaos Legion expansion. Because of the quantity, though, I decided on a quality criteria. I shall only show you the packs that had more than rare cards in them. Due to being sought after, by myself and others, I am excluding summoners from the exclusion, so it shall be pictures of packs that contained:

Gold cards, Summoner cards, Epic cards, Legendary cards. I am going to comment on some of those and then I shall give you a summary of the lucky-considered picks at the bottom.

I shall not be mentioning the casual rare cards since they are guaranteed and even in the case where I drew four rares in one pack, it's still less than the collection power one Common Gold card or one Epic card would provide.

Each description refers to the snapshot above it.

Have fun scrolling down!

Pack 01.jpg
Pack 1

A gold rare here. A card that I sometimes use due to its life stealing ability. The creature increases its health when it damages its target.

Pack 05.jpg
Pack 5

A summoner card here. A welcome one since I am looking for 5 copies of each basic Chaos Legion (CL) summoner in order to be able to include Level 3 commons, Level 2 rares and epics into my team.

Pack 06.jpg
Pack 6

Yeah, not a six-pack but a pack-six.

Another summoner and a rare card that goes well with it.

Pack 07.jpg
Pack 7

An Epic rarity card. Due to its high mana cost it shall be hard to use. But at the very least, Epic cards add 100 points to my Collection Power, helping me advance in terms of minimal league requirements.

Pack 08.jpg
Pack 8

Another unremarkable Epic rarity card. could be quite nice an addition to high mana magic teams.

Pack 11.jpg
Pack 11

Another Epic.

Pack 13.jpg
Pack 13

A Summoner.

Pack 16.jpg
Pack 16

A Summoner card again.

Pack 18.jpg
Pack 18

A Gold card.

Pack 25.jpg
Pack 25

An Epic.

Pack 26.jpg
Pack 26

A Summoner and a nice Gold Rare card that I sometimes use due to its low mana and good archetype.

Pack 27.jpg
Pack 27

A Summoner.

Pack 29.jpg
Pack 29

A Summoner again.

Pack 30.jpg
Pack 30

A Summoner and a Gold Summoner.

Pack 32.jpg
Pack 32

A Summoner.

Pack 33.jpg
Pack 33

The first Legendary card appears. An interesting one. Zero mana creatures are always useful additions to low mana teams where you have slots to spare. In low mana conditions you are rarely able to fill all six of your slots before your mana runs out, so...these come "for free". If you have the NFTs. Which are not free. Legendary rarity, in this case.

And a Summoner. At this point, I am optimistic about leveling up my Tarsa. Five 1st level cards of her needed for one card of 2nd level. Almost there.

Pack 36.jpg
Pack 36

A Summoner is all.

Pack 45.jpg
Pack 45

A Summoner and two Gold commons.

Pack 52.jpg
Pack 52

A Summoner and an Epic.

Pack 53.jpg
Pack 53

An Epic and a Gold common.

Pack 55.jpg
Pack 55

Legendary! These zero mana thingies are a cycle. All elemental splinters have one, it seems.

Pack 56.jpg
Pack 56

A Summoner.

Pack 58.jpg
Pack 58

Two Epic cards. An Immune one among them. That is my first card with that ability and it is very useful in matches where all the dudes and dudettes are Poisoned from the start. This one shall not lose health each round.

Pack 59.jpg
Pack 59

Wait for it...'s Legen...wait for it...dary!
And a Summoner.
And a gold card, a useful one.

Pack 61.jpg
Pack 61

An Epic. And a Gold card.

Pack 62.jpg
Pack 62

A Summoner. I think this was the fifth Tarsa for the evening.

Pack 63.jpg
Pack 63

And here's another one. Summoner here ;)

Pack 64.jpg
Pack 64

An Epic. I like blasting stuff.

Pack 65.jpg
Pack 65

A Gold Rare.

Pack 66.jpg
Pack 66

A Summoner.

Pack 67.jpg
Pack 67

Two Epic rarity cards. One of them has some heavy magic attack in the proper tribe if you have the old Beta or Alpha summoner to support it.

Pack 69.jpg
Pack 69

A Gold card.

Pack 72.jpg
Pack 72

Another Gold card here.

Pack 74.jpg
Pack 74

A Gold Rare card.

Pack 75.jpg
Pack 75

An Epic card.

Pack 77.jpg
Pack 77

A Gold card.

Pack 80.jpg
Pack 80

A Gold card...Getting boring at this point. Still, better with it than without it.

Pack 81.jpg
Pack 81

A Summoner. An Epic.

Pack 82.jpg
Pack 82

A Summoner again.

Pack 89.jpg
Pack 89

An Epic.

Pack 90.jpg
Pack 90

An Epic.

Pack 93.jpg
Pack 93

A Legendary! Kind of...specific and expensive in terms of mana, I don't expect this one to be that great in play...But still, there are certain proper conditions for it to shine as a tank.

Pack 95.jpg
Pack 95

A Summoner. A Gold card.

Pack 100.jpg
Pack 100

And as a final...

...a Legendary and a Summoner.


So, in total, those were 44 out of 100 packs. The rest were not thrilling in any specific way.

I got about half the value back in terms of current market prices. But some rental possibilities and team improvements are there, as well as an increased air-drop chance.

The risk taken equals the amount that a retired person would get to live through a month around here. Not that it would be enough but that's what they get.

And it would take a couple more such investments in order to get my teams suitable for the Gold Leagues. In terms of Collection might not be enough.

Anyway, it was some first time experience. That's not to happen again any time soon, I think.

Here's a recap of the relatively valuable cards drawn out of 100 packs:

5 Legendary cards
16 Epic cards
22 Summoner cards
1 Gold Summoner card
5 Gold Rare cards (other than the one above)
11 Gold Common cards

All elemental splinters but the water one had their Summoners upgraded from Level 1 to Level 2. A lot of the commons got upgrades matching that levels' capacities.

That's it for now. It might have been useful and/or entertaining for some of you.

Good Luck and Have Fun!




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