Final Day to Get the 20% Discount and Share of Golds and Titles - with as little as 5 packs!



Purchase as little as five packs and get a 20% discount and More!

Add even more value to your purchase by helping us stay in the top six leaderboard race. The reason is we will be auctioning the design off to send that value to our people!

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The value is huge! Help us win the race and celebrate in the rewards!

Cardauctionz is happy to serve you and bring 20% discounts to ALL. We're interested in building a relationship with you! Get everything that is guaranteed you in the Chaos Legion presale, a 20% discount, and a share of group titles/promo cards.

You are way better with us than going alone.
We have already purchased 12,321 packs. Help us reach the top six leaderboard and your bonus token will instantly gain in value as the card auction design will be auctioned at a $8,000.00 reserve price and shared through token.

In addition to your packs, get rewarded with one CAAD token for every pack you purchase. This is our unique solution to giving you the 20% bonus packs for as little as five purchased and still reward you value from lucky airdrops.

Help everyone win with you getting a winning deal!

As little as 5 packs bought get you 6! That's a 20% Discount!
Packs with us get more value than buying alone.

This is awesome get me to discord to check things out. Or, you can ask questions live at the 3pm Central Daily Live Stream <-- Free DEC Drawings Too!

Here is more information:

How to Participate:

Step 1: Send the amount of vouchers in groups of five to username cardauctionzcom1 that you want 20% extra bonus packs for.

Step 2: You'll need to pay $3.60 in SPS for each pack you buy. We will ask for this at the time of our big group purchase. You will be alerted in discord

If I have to cover your sps, a snap shot will be taken of the SPS price feed when we buy. You will not receive your packs until you have paid me the SPS due. Do not send me your vouchers unless you are sure that you want packs for them and can pay the SPS.

Step 3: I ask that you notify me that you have sent vouchers to username cardauctionzcom1 at discord

Your packs are guaranteed to be awarded because it is backed by collateral held in land by @davemccoy

Purchase as little as 5 packs and get 20% off (Awarded in Bonus Packs)
We pass on to you 20% savings

I will be sending the guaranteed promo cards and guaranteed air drop cards that you deserve if you were purchasing alone to you as I get them. Please understand that luck air drop cards will be sold or rented and proceeds added to the value pool to be divided by your CAAD tokens. You get 1 CAAD token issued per pack you receive from us. You will not receive your CAAD tokens until vouchers, needed sps, and our bulk pack purchase has happened.

What you get in our chaos legion presale pack pool:

You get to keep all cards that are guaranteed you by the amount you purchase

1. For every 50 packs you purchase with us keep the standard promo card
2. For every 1,000 packs you purchase with us keep the legionnaire title and gold card
3. In future air drops, keep the cards that are guaranteed to you. For airdrops that involve luck those cards will be sold or rented to give value to the collective pool. You'll be issued a hive engine token, CAAD, to represent one share of the total value pool.

As our packs accumulate to get standard promo cards, legionnaire titles, and gold promo cards because not everyone will be purchasing 1,000 or even 50 packs, they will be placed into a value pool. For every pack you purchase you will be given a hive engine token from us to represent the share of the total value of the shared pool.


Cards that belong to the pool will be sold or rented and legionnaire titles that belong to the pool will be held for sps or sold. SPS will be staked.

Your air drop token, CAAD, will have the ability to be traded on hive engine for an equal share of the value pool in hive.

There is a minimum purchase requirement of 5 and your total pack purchase must be in increments of five. Bring your own vouchers and the cost of a 3.60 pack in SPS.

The username of the splinterlands account being used is cardauctionzcom1

If you have any questions please visit discord

You can also find me in live stream at 3pm central daily
LIVE 3pm Central Daily Stream

BONUS: If we make the top six on the leaderboard contest, I will be donating(to the value pool) my standard promo cards, legionnaire title, and GOLD promo card that were guaranteed me because I'll personally be purchasing 1,000 packs!!! Or instead, we will auction off the card design with a reserve of $8,000.00 USD to place that amount into the value pool.

Let's do an EXAMPLE:

Splinterlands player buys 50 packs with us. He receives 60 packs back from us, his guaranteed promo card, and 60 CAAD Hive Engine tokens used to split the value of the pool of luck air dropped cards, group legionnaire titles, and group promo cards(standard and gold).

BONUS PACKS will not count towards your guaranteed air drop cards presale and the remaining air drops. IMPORTANT (but every player will be bound to the same conditions, and this actually encourages us making our team goal which will be big compensation) Fifty packs is fifty packs towards guaranteed air drop calculation. This helps me manage this easier.


Why would I do all of this for everyone? I think this is an excellent chance for me to meet you and prove my value to you. I benefit from an extra 5% discount from the help of others. If we make the top six leaderboard, I will have added value to all of us if the card is auctioned or I surrender my presale perks to the value pool for it!

If we purchase in more than one bulk buy we will use your total amount of packs through all purchases to calculate your promo cards titles due.

Disclaimer and Terms of Service:
I will not be held accountable or liable for your user error. No exceptions.
You agree to participate in this project as is.
Critical communication will be happening at discord.

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P.S. Check out @stever82 and his video mentioning the chaos legion pack discount pool. Steve has committed 1,000 packs. His follow up video2

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Game credits is up to 15,546 packs... It will be a photofinish :)