Splinterlands has the Right Stuff - Community, Leadership, Brains, Art, and Crypto



Crypto's boat has run into some rough waters recently but Splinterlands keeps going. Just as bitcoin will never disappear they won't either. It's a testament to their hardwork and community.

We are about 250,000 packs away from 9,000,000 sold. Then it won't be too long and their Chaos Legion set will be 2/3 sold out. Their governance and utility coin in promotions is about to complete it's 365 day airdrop. The Riftwatchers set that may only be purchased with SPS is right around the corner. Nodes are gonna verify transactions for SPS rewards AND land is about to finish development.

Splinterlands is right on track even if cryptos price took a tumble. The great thing is they keep going. They didn't pause withdrawals, say something is stuck, or collapse their project as companies with far greater funds did.



The search for new players, retaining them, and deepening loyalty from existing community members are keys I think the team will have the answer too. Matt said if you would have told him he would be here years ago he wouldn't have believed it. But now it's real and it's full steam ahead!

Folks 9 million packs is 36 million dollars in value! Congratulations to the team and the amazing community that supports it.


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