Splinterlands Let the Public Know - It's Billions Not Millions



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Why be interested in the gaming market?

"It's no surprise that companies want a piece of the pie. In 2020, the gaming industry generated $155 billion in revenue, By 2025, analysts predict the industry will generate more than $260 billion in revenue."

Cryptocurrency and Gaming are exploding in price. Just imagine what they can do when successfully combined. Splinterlands is doing just that with it's hit blockchain game. Here we will discuss who is interested in this fascinating project.


Speculators- As with any cryptocurrency a population is always looking to take down short term gains. This group is very sensitive to price drops and will be looking to capture gains all along the way selling off.

Game Lovers- This group is interesting because they seek to enjoy and win at the game. They want control over the game's outcome but it's more of a desire for entertainment or competition.

Long Term Holders- They see the value of the overall project and future. If they just so happen to love the game it's all the better for Splinterlands. By educating the public about this position and increasing this base is the healthiest for the game.

As a proponent of the game, I hope splinterlands players are working towards overall education and community strength. When you match this with the great work the team is doing you will see long lasting success.

SPS, a relatively new splinterlands currency, is used for purchases, special promotions, and a future governing coin of the project.

SPS is not just able to help you do better in the game, but it will become more critical in decision making(influence) the larger the game grows.

Our climb in price doesn't have to stop near at 100% gain, I just hope that people understand completely what they are a part of.

Disclaimer: Not a financial advisor.

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