Splinterlands Pick Your Chaos Legion Prediction! What to expect...


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History usually repeats itself. My prediction is that prices will rise as the rich buy the cards they need (this group of people doesn't really care much about price). Supply will continue to come in and I think we will see a dip in price that will eventually head back in the upward direction in respect to long term use case of game play and collectibles. I really want to touch on why the dip here is really a healthy sign.

The Aqua Green Ball Graph:
If demand increases so rapidly (a huge player base surge) that there is no price retraction it's great, but interestingly, I don't think that is what Splinterlands is shooting for.

If the packs sell out way faster than anticipated then this means Splinterlands could have charged more for their packs. This is a big deal for game economy strength and company. Splinterlands has a staff to pay and it needs to bring in dec and sps to itself to protect it's value.


What I think will happen is actually the target of the Splinterlands Owners

The Pink and Purple Ball Graph:

My prediction

Splinterlands will produce a large enough supply to eventually come to the price retraction in card market sales and then after that price will experience long term growth. I just think that the owners have probably analyzed the numbers enough to see that they are charging the right amount and releasing the right number of packs.

Some things to think about as Pro's for holding SPS and DEC:

1. SPS use case has become more and more defined and will continue to see more use case in the future
2. DEC has been going up in price and holding it is producing an airdrop of SPS

SPS APR is 83.31% in staking

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What you need to know about chaos legion news

Update News: I've now heard that the SPS vouchers will be needed to purchase packs after the presale is over. That's pretty important to SPS and voucher(vouchers can be transferred therefore they can be sold) value.

When a snowball is large enough and it's coming down the mountain there is very little that can stop it's momentum. Get ready...

Why own just a Mona Lisa when you can own a Mona Lisa that has a use case?

This discussion is my opinion.
DISCLAIMER: Not a financial advisor.


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Nice prediction with proper explanation... I hope it goes like the blue orb... Consistently going up so it's gonna benefit the holders overtime


well Lucas if it goes straight up in value and we go on to the next set and repeat well all the early pack and card buyers will be loving it.