Splinterlands Vision Sees Millions in Crypto Collectibles



3.5 million was invested in Splinterlands governance token. Nothing says confidence in growth more than that.

Splinterlands in game currencies DEC and SPS allow control over it's art/utility assets and how future rewards will be given in the game. Scarcity is a built in component.

Future Rewards

  1. Where a player finishes in the competition against others determines their reward for in game assets every 15 days.
  2. Each ranked battle awards currency to the winner and this prize is larger the farther up on the competition ladder you are.

It's success is built off a growing community that is verifying the value of the card's used in the game. This concept is not something new to collectible card games, but, Splinterlands is a blockchain game with strong ties to cryptocurrency. Recent growth has exploded due to the adding of it's SPS staking/governance token.

The owners are huge holders of the crypto currency hive. In this media crypto currency placing hive into hive power(like staking) influences the future rewards of hive. While Splinterlands and Hive are completely different subjects their inner workings appear very similar.

The hive media currency leads to tons of blogs being written about splinterlands. Hive and splinterlands compliment each other with the game bringing awareness to hive and the media bringing awareness to the game.

Curious what a single card can sell for
The gold foil alpha frost giant recently sold for $10,000


SPS and DEC is a battle over control of assets in the game. Just think what might happen to SPS/DEC if Splinterlands grows to controlling interests outside of their game(advertising, development, and/or ownership in other companies.)

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