Amazing Battles – Speed Matters!

Welcome, Splinter people! I am pleased to present yet another fantastic battle!


Rule Sets:

Holy Protection + Rise of The Commons + 14 Mana Cap

In 14 Mana Cap + Modern format, facing lineups with monsters with 0 to 3 mana cost and Sneak monsters is prevalent.

But a few exceptions can work well with 4 mana cost or more.

You can check in the image below some combinations you can use or at least inspire yourself to create similar ones.

In this example, Cursed Windeku achieves victory by taking down the Divine Shield with Thorns. The healing will keep him alive long enough.


In this second example, the idea is almost the same. However, you save one valuable mana with the summoner.


Lastly, another one with Kelya, as I mentioned, in low mana, is expected to face sneak monsters, so Angelic Mandarin with Triage will keep him alive extra rounds while Pelacor Bandit does the damage! Anyway, let’s check my actual lineup!


My team

Kelya Frendul
Xenith Monk
Ice Pixie
Scavo Hireling

Enemy Team

Mother Khala
Pelacor Conjurer
Stitch Leech
Celestial Harpy
Gargoya Scrapper
Chaos Agent

Click on the image below to watch the fight:

The Battle + Strategy

As you can see in the image above, I was outnumbered (4 x 6 monsters) since the start of the battle.

The first round didn’t happen much due to the Holy Protection ruleset. In round 2, Xenith Monk finished Vulguine, and Ice Pixie dodged the Stitch Leech attack.

But, even with these valuable dodges, her death was imminent due to the Pelacor Conjurer Magic Reflect ability.

However, Ice Pixie + Scavo Hireling (Repair) gained enough time in round 4 for Xenith Monk to finish with Pelacor Conjurer, which was essential to beat my opponent.


At the beginning of round 6, I thought I would lose this battle! I had only Xenith Monk + Scavo Hireling against Stitch Leech + Celestial Harpy.

Luckily, Xenith Monk dodged a few times against Stitch, changing the outcome of this match by not allowing him to increase his HP and consequently kill him! Xenith Monk's healing was also essential for this match!


At the end of round 13, Stitch Leech died, and I was out of the woods! There was nothing my opponent could do, given that Scavo Hireling would keep repairing Xenith Monk’s armor.


Camouflage's ability was potent to keep Scavo alive.

Heal + Repair worked perfectly!

The difference in Speed was very relevant to dodge many times, healing and repairing before my opponent’s attacks.

My opponent built a strong lineup. However, he incorrectly predicted that I would use sneak monsters. Hence, Chaos Agent and Gargoya Scrapper were useless in this match.

Lorna Shine is the best option without the Holy Protection ruleset!

See this amazing battle again: @marianaemilia versus @kobold-djawa

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Images: @splinterlands


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