Amazing Battles – When less is more

Welcome Splinter People! I am pleased to present yet another great battle!


Rule Sets: Weak Magic + Reverse Speed + Melee Mayhem and 99 Mana Cap.

I had to choose between Fire, Water, Life and Dragon elements, since it was a 99 Mana Cap, a Legendary summoner is better in most of the cases. So, let's analyze our options:

Kitty/Jacek: Bad idea due to their +2 Speed.

Camila Sungazer: Might be a good option, but she is a summoner focused in low-medium mana due to her 3 mana cost.

Lir Deepswimmer: Great option, since it is very likely to face melee monsters, so Blind and his +2 armor would be very effective. However, not very likely to face Ranged monsters and Water monsters in general are not slow.

Yodin Zaku: This one is the best option in these rulesets with many monsters wiith only 1 point speed, not only that, Fire element is known by his strength in melee attack type, which fits perfectly in “Melee Mayhem” ruleset.

My Team

Yodin Zaku
Grum Flameblade
Forgotten One
Living Lava
Arkemis The Bear
Dr. Blight

Enemy Team

Yodin Zaku
Chain Golem
Living Lava
Sand Worm
Grum Flameblade

Click on the image below to watch the fight:

The Battle

ByzantineKitty is a strong opponent and thought the same about Yodin being the best option, he also added a Runi with Reflection Shield in the 2nd position to counter the Blast.


I had a great start killing the opponent’s Chain Golem in the 1st round without losing any of my monsters and keeping them with a decent amount of HP thankfully to the extra armor of Arkemis the Bear.

Besides that, his Forcefield was huge to counter Sand Worm with his incredible 6 attack power.


In round 2 Runi was killed twice and Mordeus was gone with him due to the blast, at this point the battle was over.



Living Lava is the real MVP of this battle. His Rust ability diminished the Armor of Chain Golem, Living Lava, Grum by 2 and Runi to zero.

Against Chain Golem and Living Lava -2 Armor means that I needed to damage him at least an extra 4 attack power due to their Shield ability.

To take down Runi I would need 2 extra attacks: one to take down the armor for the first time and another after he resurrects!

See this amazing battle again: @marianaemilia versus @byzantinekitty

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