Splinterlands Amazing Battles – Dominant!

Welcome, friends who love, like me, the best crypto game ever. Welcome to another Amazing Battle!


Rule Sets (Modern Format): Up Close and Personal + 54 mana Cap and all elements available, except Fire.

About my Lineup/Strategy

Mylor Crowling (Summoner): well, there isn’t much to say since we know for sure that Thorns is going to be useful and hurt my opponent hard!

Chain Golem: with his Shield ability + decent armor and HP he will resist a lot of damage.

Orc sergeant: great monster to be in position 2 due to his Reach ability and to add an extra attack power for the whole team with Inspire.

Sand Worm: I need a sneak monster since two of my monsters in the backline are idle.

War Chaang: it is always good to pick monsters with double attack type such as Kralus, Agor Longtail and The Vigilator. War Chaang has Retaliate which is very powerful in melee only.

Disintegrator + Legionnaire Alvar: combining Shield (Chain Golem) + Demoralize it will increase the chances of my opponent not being able to hurt my main tank.

My Team

Mylor Crowling
Chain Golem
Orc Sergeant
Sand Worm
War Chaang
Legionnaire Alvar

Enemy Team

Quix The Devious
Djinn Chwalla
Carnage Titan
Dragon Jumper
Tortisian Fighter
Demented Shark

Click on the image below to watch the fight:

The Battle

Round 1

My opponent picked two monsters with Thorns: Djinn Chwalla and Demented Shark (Inspire), great choices, but will they resist to Mylor Thorns? Let’s find out!

In the beginning of the battle Alvar armor protected him from Deeplurker and Dragon Jumper attacks.

Chain Golem also resisted against Carnage Titan and Djinn Chwalla.

My biggest concern now is Tortisian Fighter with his Repair ability, so my monsters will have some trouble to get rid of his monsters.


Round 2

Unfortunately my Orc was killed by Dragon Jumper + Deeplurker attacks, taking the Inspire down.

Nothing much happened, my sand Worm attacked Demented Shark leaving him with 1 HP only.


Round 3

My opponent’s monster started to die due to the Thorns ability, Dragon Jumper and Deeplurker died after hitting Chain Golem, Djinn Chwalla had the same fate hitting War Chaang.

Now are 3 (War Chaang + Disintegrator + Legionnaire Alvar) x 3 (Carnage Titan + Tortisian Fighter + Demented Shark), in each team, only the monster in position 1 is hitting!


Round 4

Fortunately War Chaang retaliated Carnage Titan attack and killed him and also attacked Tortisian Fighter!

Round 5, 6 and 7

In the end of the battle I was really lucky with the Retaliate ability, beating the odds, War Chaang retaliated three times to finish with Tortisian Fighter + Demented Shark with his Trample ability!


See this amazing battle again: @marianaemilia versus @marketinggeek

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War Chaang is so OP! I don't know how that isn't a legendary card. Similar situation like with Quora.