Splinterlands Amazing Battles – Enthusiastic Modern Bronze Battle

Welcome, Splinter people! I am pleased to present yet another fiery battle you should study so you can get better at playing to earn!


This episode's battle was enthusiastic

Click on the image below to watch the fight:


My team

Water Splinter
Summoner: Lir Deepswimmer
Wave Brood
Venator Kinjo
Torrent Fiend
Scavo Hireling
Merdaali Guardian

Their team

Fire Splinter
Summoner: Yodin Zaku
Living Lava
Venator Kinjo
Goblin Fireballer
Xenith Archer
Ferexia General
Spark Pixies

Battle outcome

Today's match caps at 29 Mana. The only splinters available are the Fire, Water, Earth and Life splinters.

Extra rules were Heavy Hitters and Lost Magic. In Heavy Hitters, all Monsters have the Knock Out ability. In Lost Magic, Monsters with Magic attack may not be used in battles.

My defense was made of Wave Brood, Venator Kinjo and Soul Fiend.

In a match where my opponent is so likely to use Yodin Zaku, I must prepare accordingly.

Instead of using my own Yodin Zaku, I bet on playing against one, bringing out Lir Deepswimmer. Paired with Wave Brood, I know every ranged attack backfires against my enemies.

Because I'm probably going to face off against Yodin Zaku, I'm worried splash damage from Blast abilities slowly tear my backline apart. Venator Kinjo stops this from happening.

In fact, he goes as far as reflecting arrows despite not actually taking any damage. What a superhero!

If Wave Brood is ever taken out, Torrent Fiend stalls for more than an extra turn, thanks to Lir Deepswimmer's additional armor points, not to mention it's also going to repel ranged attacks. There's so much value in that 0 Mana Monster.

My offense consisted of Deeplurker.

After betting everything on Wave Brood, I wonder if Deeplurker deals enough damage to wherever is most important. After reviewing my strategy many times, I decide everything is in place.

Trusting my own defensive strategy, Deeplurker attacks every round, but still takes a while to deal damage - only after Spark Pixies kills itself through my Monsters' Return Fire attacks start connecting.

No matter how late into the fight they begin, my shark's attacks are no joke.

My support monsters were Scavo Hireling and Merdaali Guardian.

Considering my defensive all-in with a single offensive Monster, I use everything at my disposal to ensure Wave Brood lasts doesn't die.

My strategy is perfect, specially because my opponent really did use Yodin Zaku.

Scavo Hireling repairs Wave Brood's armor, enabling additional reflected arrows until my opponent destroys itself.

Although that could be enough on its own, Merdaali Guardian avoids every risk. It's no longer a gamble, but a sure win.

My strategy was on point because I managed to guess what kind of strategy my opponent was probably going to use.

It's all thanks to my knowledge about the current meta of the game and how many opponents' minds work.

See this amazing battle again: @marianaemilia versus @mondroid

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Thank you very much!


Great battle! You countered me perfectly! It's actually funny, with no magic I thought you might go Mylor and so I thought if she goes Mylor I want to go Yodin haha. DOH!

Thanks for the recap even if you did beat me up pretty bad!


Hi @mondroid. Thanks for commenting! In fact I thought of Mylor, he is strong in Bronze, and many times even using Lir against Yodin I still lose. Luckily this time it worked for me. Kisses from Mary.


Hey Mariana, I sent you a discord message, hopefully you can check it out :D