Splinterlands Amazing Battles – Mirror Match

Welcome Splinter's brothers to another extraordinary battle of our most loved and best crypto fantasy game!


Rule Sets (Modern Format):

Silenced Summoner + Spreading Fury + Holy Protection and only Life and Dragon elements not available.

About my Lineup/Strategy

Bortus (Summoner):

The best option in the Silence Summoner ruleset is always Dragon + 3 Mana cost.

However, Dragon was unavailable, so I picked Bortus (Water)!



Very annoying tank to face with Heal + Void and a lot of HP!

If the opponent target the 1st position, he will have a hard time!

Uraeus and Pelacor Bandit:

Sneak monsters should stick together to be more effective.

Deeplurker and Battering Ram:

Similar logic to Sneak ability, Opportunity monsters are more potent in pairs or trios!

This way, they will focus fire on the same monsters!

If you split your attacks, you risk not killing any monsters if you allow them to repair/heal/cleanse, etc.

aKelp nitiate.png

Kelp Initiate:

The MVP of this battle.

He is the perfect pair with Baakjira since he can cleanse the first position countering poison/stun/affliction, and heal himself with Triage against sneak attacks!

My Team

Pelacor Bandit
Battering Ram
Kelp Initiate

The Battle

Click on the image below to watch the fight:

Rounds 1 and 2

My opponent picked almost the same team.

The only difference is Albatross x Battering Ram due to the one mana saved by my summoner!

Will this difference be enough to defeat my enemy? Let’s find out!


Initially, my opportunity monsters killed Albatross, while my sneak monsters attacked Kelp Initiate.

Since my opponent had only one Opportunity, his Deeplurker took 2 rounds to kill my Battering Ram.

At this point, I have a slight advantage of precisely one extra attack from Deeplurker.


Round 3

At the end of round 3, my advantage increased even more.

My Deeplurker finished with Uraeus, and my Kelp Initiate dodged Deeplurker’s attack! Besides that, my opponent’s Kelp was poisoned, and his death was imminent!

Round 4

But wait, we are not out of the woods yet! I got 3 misses in a row against Pelacor Bandit! My Kelp was killed, and things got tight!


Rounds 5 and 6

This round was not good for me, I hit Pelacor Bandit once, but now he got faster with Enrage, and my Uraeus got poisoned, so he will surely die in the next round.

In case of fatigue, his Baakjira is level 4, and mine is only 3, so I won’t win!

Fortunately, in round 6, his Pelacor bandit fell, and I also poisoned his Deeplurker! Now there isn’t much he can do by himself!



Having an extra monster attacking (Battering Ram) was the tiebreaker since Albatross was useless, as no monsters were targeting the 1st position for him to heal.

See this amazing battle again: @marianaemilia versus @imperfect-one

Thanks for reading!

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Thank you very much!


It is a super lineup you had in this battle.
The extra card was right at the perfect position to generate different outcome.


It looked so close in the middle of the battle but as the time progressed you got a significant advantage. Nice one, Cheers!



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