Splinterlands Amazing Battles – Taunt vs Bloodlust battle!

Welcome to another Amazing Battle analysis!

We look at a MAX League Gold Foil Wild tournament match on this occasion.
Our opponent this time around is @dark.star from the T&A Legion I guild.



Weak Magic (Magic attacks hit armor before reducing health) and Briar Patch (All monsters have the Thorns ability), and Equal Opportunity (All monsters have the opportunity ability).

49 mana cap. Earth, Life, and Dragon splinters are available.

Grandmaster Rathe (+1 armor, Amplify, and Void Armor) will be our summoner for this match.


Even as the Void Shield ability is redundant due to the Weak Magic ruleset, the other rules make Shieldbearer a resilient and dangerous tank.

Our team:

Shieldbearer (Shield, Return Fire, and Taunt), Adelade Brightwing (Flying, Repair, Immunity, Resurrect, and Swiftness), Truthspeaker (Heal, Cleanse and Protect), High Priest Darius (Blast, Resurrect and Weaken), Djinn Renova (Strengthen and Triage) and closing with Prismologist (Blast, Forcefield and Silence).

This time, we have a tank-deleting start, with a whopping 18 damage on the front position plus 4 blast damage on the second.

We have double Resurrect, which helps extend the Life of our tank for a while longer.

Thorns and Return plus Amplify will put the hurt on all ranged and melee damage that damages our tank.

Let’s take a look at the opposing team.


Lily Shieldpaw (Triage, Camouflage, and +1 health).


Awww, Lily is so cute! Anyway, a nice counter to the Opportunity rule, as all monsters can only target the first position.

Triage helps protect the second and latter positions in case of Blast, Thorns, Return Fire, Magic Reflect, or Scattershot damage.

Opposing lineup:

Coeurl Lurker (Taunt, Phase, Dodge and Thorns), Ushuur Constantia (Resurrect, Reflection Shield and Tank Heal), Scavo Technomancer (Blast, Rust and Blind), Adelade Brightwing (Flying, Repair, Immunity, Resurrect and Swiftness) Supply Runner (Swiftness) and finishing the lineup with Jared Scar (Bloodlust, True Strike and Piercing).

The opposing tank is one of the better taunts in the game, the neutral Coeurl Lurker.

Even if Taunt is a little wasted here due to Lily’s abilities, it's still impressive as mixed with Blind and speed boosts, it gets tough to hit.

The damage is a whooping 17 on opportunistic attacks with the added combo of Jared, who can get out of control fast on this mix of rulesets.

An intriguing matchup we have here.

Click on the image below to watch the fight:

Let’s see how this battle plays out!

Round 1:

Both tanks take heavy punishment, ours taking some more, the evading skills of the opposing cat evident at the start of the battle.

But still, the Tank Heals and Repairs help the front liners recover some vital health and armor, too, in our case.


Round 2:

Combined with the extra damage, Jared manages to take down our tank for the first time, getting bigger and scarier.

Our team manages to bring the cat down to 5 HP. This is getting very close.


Round 3:

Our tank gets brought down one more time! Luckily it is Adelade who deals the killing blow and not Jared again.

Our last resurrect is used. Now it comes to the Shieldbearer´s last stand!

Thorns and Amplify help bring the cat down to a remaining 2 HP. This is getting very exciting!


Round 4:

Both Resurrects get used on the opposing team as Return Fire and Thorns damage bring down the Supply Runner and Coeurl Lurker on the opening shots of the round.

But finally, our Shieldbearer gives its last goodbye as Adelade finishes him off for the second and final time.

But behold: the bad kitty falls to Adelade!

What a bloody round this one!


Round 5:

Looking as a revenge shot, Jared Brings Down the angel at the start of the round, getting angrier by the moment.

But our team isn’t left with their arms crossed as they bring down Oshuur and the Technomancer.

It’s 3 vs. 4, but with a blood-lust Hippo looking down at our low HP team.


Round 6:

Jared deletes our Truthspeaker and keeps growing.

Our courageous team eliminates the opposing angel, leaving this fight as a 2 vs. 3 now!


Round 7:

In this crucial round, Jared targets the Prismologist, who only takes 1 damage due to Forcefield!

Our team takes down the Supply Runner and manages to bring the angry Hippo down to 1 HP! This is nerve-wracking.


Round 8:

What a very close match this one was! Jared brings down High Priest Darius on one hit! But it also goes down due to thorn damage!

Victory for our team.


What a fascinating battle we had! Both teams were very well thought out.

Both had anti-opportunistic measures and exciting tech.

Our advantages were very subtle but present, first were more focused on healing in the form of repair.

And a tiny but effective tech in the form of Prismologyst who redirected a very significant blow by Jared due to its low HP, but protected by Forcefield, making big scary hits a puny -1 HP total.

A very close victory for our team!

Thanks for reading this analysis, and see you next time!

See this amazing battle again: @marianaemilia versus @dark.star

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Images: @splinterlands


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